HR 2 – Sheriffs and the Wall

HR 2 – Sheriffs and the Wall

HR 2 – Sheriffs and the Wall; Senate Rule 12; Obama and Iran; Google and Facebook


Listen to the second hour of our April 8th show here.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the April 8 show:

Soros Funded Groups Fueling Laura Ingraham Advertiser Boycott 

The Media Matters thuggery behind the astro-turfed boycott of Laura Ingraham


Impound Act   — In for a Penny, In for Impound


380 Sheriffs in 40 States demand Congress build Trump’s wall, end illegal immigration

Senate Rule 12 TIME for Leadership

San Diego County to Consider Joining Federal ‘Sanctuary State’ Lawsuit

A Massive investigation accuses Obama of laying off a terror group for the Iran deal — and the reaction is split


Here’s the Truth about What Google and Facebook know about you

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