HR 2 – Voter Fraud Commission

HR 2 – Voter Fraud Commission

HR 2 – Voter Fraud Commission; Trump’s Deregulation Impact; Interview with Texas State Senator Dr. Dawn Buckingham on Keeping Texas Red; Nikki Haley, American Hero at the Anti-Semitic UN; Developments in Iran; Deregulation as Tax Relief


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Guest interview – Dr. Dawn Buckingham, Texas State Senator and TX GOP Victory Chair for 2018

Dawn Buckingham’s forefathers were among the first settlers to Texas seven generations ago, and that tough, independent, pioneer spirit is deeply rooted in her personality. Dawn spent her early years growing up on Fox Run Farm until the family moved to Austin. While she graduated from Westlake High School, Dawn remains a country girl at heart as an avid hunter and outdoorswoman. Her commitment to service began early when she served as a volunteer fire fighter, and she is a graduate of the A&M Fire School.
Dawn lived at home and worked two jobs to pay for college at UT Austin, graduating Magna Cum Laude and debt-free. It was also during college that Dawn met the love of her life and husband of 23 years, Ed Buckingham. Dawn and Ed both received their medical degrees from the Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; Dawn practices as an Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon, and Ed as a facial plastic surgeon. In her daily practice, Dawn helps patients improve their sight and specializes in reconstructing eyelids.

Dawn’s commitment to service and recognition for her work has allowed her to hold leadership positions in local, state, and national medical organizations. She also volunteers regularly in her community with her teenage children to continue the legacy of service.

During her tenure as a trustee on the Lake Travis ISD School Board, Dawn’s conservative approach helped cut unnecessary costs while maintaining high quality instruction. Currently, Dawn holds a gubernatorial appointment as the vice chair of the State Board of Educator Certification. Additionally, she has served as the Lieutenant Governor’s appointee on the Sunset Commission, where she reduced the size of government and increased efficiency of government services.

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Voter Fraud Commission 

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Trump disbands voter fraud commission after states refused to cooperate on claims that at least 3 million people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton


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Nikki Haley & the UN: Iran and Funding 

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Haley announces $285M cut in the 2018-19 UN operating Budget 

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Trump mental health AND New Book


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