Immigration Suspension; Gordon Chang; Spending and Shutdown Protests

Immigration Suspension; Gordon Chang; Spending and Shutdown Protests

Articles reviewed in preparation for the April 22nd show:

Coronavirus Immigration Suspension

Fact Check: Yes, Trump CAN Suspend All Immigration to the U.S.

Coronavirus has Mutated into at least 30 different Strains new study finds

Tom Homan: Trump’s immigration suspension protects public health and American workers

The National Institute of Health reported in 2012 that there are 219 virus species known to be able to infect humans and three to four new species are discovered every year.

The American Society for Microbiology reports that there are that there are a minimum of 320,000 mammalian viruses awaiting discovery within nine viral families


China Expert Gordon Chang joins me to discuss Coronavirus, the WHO & China

Gordon Chang: China and WHO acted maliciously, tried to deceive the world

Trump Cuts U.S. Funding to the World Health Organization During a Global Pandemic

In China, This Coronavirus App Pretty Much Controls Your Life

US officials confirm full-scale investigation of whether coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab


 Virus: Spending & Shutdown Protests

Senate Passes $484B “Phase 3.5 coronavirus stimulus package by voice vote amid tensions in Chamber

Facebook Assists Dems in Shutting Down Bill of Rights

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