Impeach/Flop; Chip Roy; ADD; Immigration; Squad/Trump Winning

Impeach/Flop; Chip Roy; ADD; Immigration; Squad/Trump Winning

Articles reviewed in preparation for the July 18th show:

Pelosi & Impeachment Flop

Third wildcat bid to impeach Trump leaves Nancy Pelosi with egg all over her face


Congressman Roy Joins us – Detention Centers & Healthcare 

Chip Roy finds a promising angle on healthcare reform

Chip Roy Proposes Obama’s Border Policy As Democrats Postpone Vote Indefinitely

Congressman Chip Roy Unveils Healthcare Freedom Act

Rep. Chip Roy visits Colorado ICE facility where protesters replaced American flag with Mexico’s

Americans Don’t Need Socialized Medicine, They Need Health-Care Freedom


ADD (Asylum, Detention, Deportation) Update

House passes border funding bill after Pelosi reversal outrages progressives

Trump Administration Plans Tighter Asylum Rules at Southern Border

Civil Liberties Groups Asks Judge To Block Trump Asylum Rule

Judge blocks Trump policy keeping asylum seekers in detention pending cases (July 2)

New Border Plan: Migrants get 15 days to prove asylum claim- or leave

Winning: President Trump has a majority of the public with him on deportation raids: poll


WH New Immigration Plan 

White House Expected to Roll out Merit-Based Immigration Proposal This Week


Trump: Squad = Democrat Party

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells illegal alien kids ‘this country belongs to you’

Democrats tell all to CNN’s Jake Tapper about Ilhan Omar fight with Trump: ‘The president won this one’