Impeachment and Even Removal Will Not Be the Final Word

Impeachment and Even Removal Will Not Be the Final Word

The Ruling Class Cannot Hold Down the American People 

The Democrats’ House impeachment effort is a farce and disgrace; a grotesque abomination of everything that the American rule of law stands for, and every fair-minded American can see this, as plain as day. 

Secret witnesses; secret testimony; selective leaking; denial of any meaningful GOP participation—all based on a so-called whistleblower’s concocted surmise of the meaning of hearsay about a phone call whose transcript can be read by anyone and which directly refutes the hearsay ‘surmise’.  Americans know:  this is not how we do things in America; this is not how we investigate or prosecute a third-rate business fraud, much less a duly elected President of the United States of America.

And all of this is happening while Joe Biden is on video boasting about exacting a manifestly corrupt quid pro quo from the Ukrainian government—doing precisely what President Trump is alleged to have done but did not do in seeking the truth of the Ukraine’s role in 2016 election interference.

Speaking of 2016 election interference, publicly available information chronicled so meticulously and analyzed so insightfully at sites like Conservative Treehouse and PJMedia (primarily via Roger Simon’s posts); by the court filings of Sidney Powell, counsel for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; by the Mueller Report; by IG Michael Horowitz’ reports (both already delivered and to be delivered) have made it blindingly and irrefutably obvious to every fair-minded American:  the Obama administration—including the CIA, DOJ and FBI—and the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired to fix an American presidential election and then overthrow the duly elected American President.

So…back to the title of this post.  Americans are now being treated to a daily avalanche of commentary about the inevitability of an impeachment vote in the Democrat House and, increasingly, by commentary handicapping the shifting prospects of securing 67 Senate votes for conviction and removal (or maybe even less than 67 votes, if a few cowardly Senators fail to show up, such that two-thirds of those present is less than 67).  Eager leftist and NeverTrump commentators/opinion-shapers keep moving the discussion of 67 votes from impossible to remote to possible to, very soon, ‘increasingly likely’.

It’s mostly gaslighting, but put that aside.  There are assumptions being made that are unfounded, and there’s an action angle that’s being overlooked.

All of this commentary reflects the frowning elitists’ certainty that impeachment and removal would represent devastating finality to President Trump’s political viability; that the American people who voted for Trump and love the results he is producing will just blithely acquiesce to the notion that the inside-the-Beltway mores of ‘club membership’ shall be imposed as supreme over their hideous, ‘deplorable’ judgement; that the American ‘sheeple’ will just accept some concocted MSM poll that creates a spinnable version of ‘majority-says-Trump- bad’ and go along with their betters having determined who should or should not be the President. 

Well…it’s a big mistake to underestimate the righteous fury of the American people. 

If the Mitt Romneys of the ruling class engineer the impeachment and removal of President Trump on the basis of the whistleblower hoax and in the face of what Horowitz/Barr/Durham are about to confirm about an Obama-approved coup, against a background of economic results, border security results, energy production results, military readiness results, terrorist takedown results—in general, America first results that the American people see, appreciate and want to continue—the righteous fury level of the American people will go completely off the charts.   Because their passion is not about worshipful loyalty to the personality of Donald Trump; it is about passion for their freedom-based country and their love for the traditional rule of law which has been stood on its head from the time John Brennan decided he had the moral and legal authority to sabotage Donald Trump.

So….if President Trump is convicted and removed, what if the American people decided to write-in “Donald Trump” on their November 2020 election ballot? 

Don’t think for a minute that the American people are not capable of doing so; and don’t discount the numbers of Americans who would step up and do it (take a look at the attendance—and energy level—at Trump rallies all over the country).  President Trump has an approval rating in the 90’s among Republicans; around 20% of attendees at his rallies are Democrats; and a sizable chunk (12% in Dallas) are people who haven’t even voted in recent elections.  With 63 million votes in 2016, the trend lines suggest 65 million or more in 2020.

And don’t think a post-conviction Senate vote disqualifying Donald Trump from holding future office would contain the fire of patriotic Americans’ fury; it would throw gasoline on it.

A nationwide write-in campaign would be true to the American heritage and spirit of defiant independence like nothing since the Revolutionary War.

A side benefit of a nationwide write-in campaign:  the rumored Soros/Dem plans to control election outcomes through rigged vote tabulation software would be nullified by a vote that required a physical count in all 50 states.

No, this post is not predicting any of this will happen, nor is it a wish for it.  Nor is it a dismissal of the undesirability of a write-in election in terms of portraying an unstable America in a dangerous world.  But if it were to happen, the responsibility for it would lie with America’s lawless and out of touch ruling class, not President Trump. 

The ruling class just doesn’t grasp the extent to which the American people see through their hypocrisy and dishonesty and manipulation, and are at fighting-mad levels already at what is being done to their country for the sake of preserving ruling class power and control. 

They just don’t see that the American people will not respect or accept their judgment if they actually participate in an impeachment and removal scheme against Donald Trump in the face of the abject ruling class criminality which Americans can plainly see in the Russia Collusion hoax and now the whistleblower hoax. 

Above all, the ruling class doesn’t understand the eight years of suppressed anger that Obama generated among the American people who bristled at his unauthorized-by-voters attempt to fundamentally transform the country, and bristled even more at a spineless GOP that wouldn’t confront him on anything out of fear of being branded racist by the MSM.

Impeachment and removal of President Trump before the 2020 election might just prompt the American people to deliver in November 2020 the greatest collective one-finger salute to elites in all of human history. 

Eric Georgatos