Interview with Heidi Cruz, Wife of US Senator Ted Cruz

Interview with Heidi Cruz, Wife of US Senator Ted Cruz

Listen to the first hour of our January 3rd show, here.  Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the first hour, here.

First Fifteen


Debbie describes a theme for LCWT in 2016:  the need to relearn and embrace the American Identity, and then fight for it—this is where we are and what we need in America in 2016.


Hillary is the most admired woman in America?  Though ‘winning’ this title with only 13% of those polled, this is more name ID than well-grounded admiration.  LCWT will introduce and honor conservative women leaders in 2016—leading off with Vanderbilt University Professor Carol Swain.


Heidi Cruz, wife of US Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, joined Debbie for a wide-ranging interview on her role with the campaign, her sense of what the American people are looking for, and her views of what makes her husband the best candidate for the job.  The pre-recorded interview does not have the advantage of in-studio sound, but the content is well worth a listen.


This election cycle—let’s not let politicians get away with lies and deceptions.  Debbie discussed three prominent lies that ought to be called out whenever they are voiced by political candidates:

  1. 97% scientists do NOT agree on global climate change disaster
  2. NEW peer-reviewed study proves it and a LCWT statement lays out those facts. Using the same data and facts- it is 0.3%.
  3. Women do NOT earn 77 cents on the dollar vs men
  4. Detailed studies from liberal sources DENY the existence of racist bias among American police forces


In other news, in Sweden, the Muslim population has doubled in the last 14 years, with Muslims now accounting for over 41 percent of Sweden’s total population growth…from police reports of rising crime and other cultural indicators, Sweden losing its cultural identity. Is it really surprising that Americans are tentative about Muslim immigration?