The PC narrative: America Is So Full Of Intolerant, Bigoted And Ignorant People Who Are Irrationally Suspicious Of All Muslims In America, And Thank Goodness President Obama Is Leading The Way With An Approving Message To Ahmed Mohamed And A Rebuke To Intolerant American Public School Officials.

Talking truth in America and about America: 

  • Show this picture of Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘invention’ to ten people; give them two choices for identification: (1) a bomb, and (2) a clock; and our guess is that 10 out of 10 would say ‘bomb’ (alternatively: try bringing Ahmed’s invention through airport security, and tell TSA it is a clock…see what happens)
  • In an age of radical Islamic terrorism, every American has been warned and urged: “if you see something, say something”.
  • Ahmed Mohammed brought the above device to school, and when questioned by his English teacher and later by school officials and the police, responded in ways the police described as evasive.
  •  Consider how an innocently motivated 14-year-old boy who did not want to create a controversy would respond when questioned about a project authorized by a school teacher and prepared as a school assignment. He would instinctively speak up to proclaim his innocence and direct questioners to the teacher who made the assignment. Ahmed did not do so; Irving police officer James McClellan said Ahmed “didn’t offer any explanation as to what it was for, why he created this device, why he brought it to school.” No teacher has stepped forward to say s/he made such an assignment to Ahmed
  • A Texas statute makes it illegal to use a ‘hoax bomb’ to threaten anyone.
  • Ahmed’s father is an anti-Islamophobia activist who has said he has no problem with the school’s actions vis-à-vis his son, but that his real problem is with the City of Irving and Mayor Van Duyne; he has been joined in his public protest by the terrorist-linked Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR).
  • Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne (who has been a guest on Ladies, Can We Talk?), is an outspoken advocate for “American Law in American Courts”, or “ALAC”—which denies the applicability of Islamic sharia in any court or tribunal governing Americans. Irving, Texas, was where two Muslim sisters, Lewisville, Texas residents Amina and Sarah Said, were found after being murdered by their Muslim father in an “honor killing”, in accordance with sharia.
  • A massive social media assault against Mayor Van Duyne is underway by people exploiting the situation. This effort to vilify school officials who acted responsibly and a mayor who is standing strong with the rule of American law should be roundly denounced.

Summary: Irving school officials acted responsibly; Ahmed Mohamed did not act responsibly; President Obama’s elevation of this incident as if it were an example of American Islamophobia is grossly irresponsible if not actually fraudulent; and Irving Mayor Van Duyne is a courageous leader ahead of the pack in refusing to accommodate sharia in America.

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