Is the Panic Another Deep State Hoax/Plot?

Is the Panic Another Deep State Hoax/Plot?

The coronavirus is a real thing. No argument about that. And nobody wants to catch it, anymore than anyone ever wants to catch a virus or any flu or even a cold. And everyone is annoyed by sloppy hygiene among people who are not feeling well—if you can’t muffle your coughs and sneezes, stay home until you feel better. No argument about any of that.

But this hysteria; this complete cratering of the stock market; this triggering of massive layoffs and a recession (or worse); this propelling of the federal government to send checks to every American from nothing other than a new supply of printed money from an already bankrupt federal government; this opening of the Pandora Box of dictatorial powers among America’s mayors, county executives, and governors—all of this is starting to feel much more like a set play and a script, not an ‘honest’ pandemic and ‘honest’ response.

America may someday pin a medal on somebody named “Doc Farmer” who penned this brilliant takedown of what’s going on (which is going viral as this post is written). Farmer’s words have the proverbial ring of truth because they are coming, not from a practiced politician nor a paid talking head nor any noted pundit, but from the heart of an American who still has that innate quality of discernment to recognize and call BS when he senses it.

South Korea, not known for the relentless lying and deceit of its communist neighbors in China and North Korea, is now reporting an increase in recoveries and a decline in new cases, all after the institution of various quarantining measures. They are obviously closer in geographical proximity to the originating location of Wuhan, China than the US, and they were hit sooner and harder with cases of infection. But they are apparently already on the road to recovery, with data indicating the coronavirus is not as serious a health risk as many other viruses of the past.

There is no physiological reason America’s experience can’t follow the same pattern as South Korea. But America has a leftist-controlled Democrat Party, a MSM, and a Deep State reveling in America’s misery and hopeful of prolonging and worsening it if it means the end of MAGA and the final ascendance of leftist control of the world’s last bastion of freedom. Which means a huge apparatus of lies and disinformation and propaganda and exaggeration will continue to be at work in and among the American public to maintain and stoke fear that everything is going to get worse, that the disease is far more dangerous than has been reported, that new carriers and unknown carriers are proliferating every day, that America under Trump was simply too late in responding and Americans are simply stuck with burgeoning catastrophe, and on and on and on.

Doc Farmer may have discerned the latest hoax balloon, and pricked it.  We shall see.

Eric Georgatos

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America as founded.