The PC narrative: Can’t defeat this ‘idea’; can only contain it and educate it away from its current behavior.

  • ISIS
    • Beheads men, women and children.
    • Drowns prisoners in submerged cages.
    • Burns prisoners to death.
    • Throws blindfolded homosexuals off multistory buildings to kill them.
    • Buys and sells women as sex slaves.

What are the middle ground negotiating positions to take with people who do such things? What does it mean to ‘contain’ such behavior?


  • This is not correctable ‘behavior’; this is abject moral depravity and barbarism that can be destroyed and can only be destroyed, and the US military must be given the resources and rules of engagement necessary to accomplish this mission.
  • Failing to contain and destroy ISIS as soon as possible and will only mean a bigger problem later, just as failing to stop Hitler at the start of his murderous rampage cost the world millions more lives lost.
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