Israeli Vaccine Experts Concede: “We have made mistakes”

Israeli Vaccine Experts Concede: “We have made mistakes”

By way of Citizen Free Press, this video struck us as very significant.  Israeli medical expertise is generally considered world class, which is why the early and adamant insistence on covid vaccination seemed out of character…just not enough science and data to back it up.  This video suggests their early and adamant insistence was…a mistake.

The video is a little long (31 minutes) but another example of ‘atomized journalism’ leading people to find truth in little known and unexpected places (like UnHerd).

For one of the leading Israeli immunologists to conclude “vaccine passports are longer relevant“…is anyone listening in America?

Will be interesting to see how fast and to what extent these admitted mistakes spread throughout the world…

‘Vaccine Passports are no longer relevant’


Professor Cyrille Cohen is head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a senior member of the advisory committee for Vaccines for the Israeli Government.

  • The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept is no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expects it to be in short order in Israel)
  • He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped
  • The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education – he apologised for that
  • Widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity — otherwise known as herd immunity
  • Omicron has accelerated the pandemic into the endemic phase, in which Covid will be “like flu”