Italian Intrigue (and Affidavit) in the Stolen Election of 2020 (Updated)

Italian Intrigue (and Affidavit) in the Stolen Election of 2020 (Updated)

UpdateHere’s a link to the Italian affidavit [yes we know the link has been disabled by google; try this] spoken of by Maria Zack on the January 6 America Can We Talk? showAnd here is another link to the interview on Rumble.)


Since Election Night, the 64 trillion dollar, still-unanswered question is:  how did it happen that five swing states stopped vote counting at the same time?  It is the sine qua non of the stolen election—the most egregious criminal act in American and maybe world history—and it is utterly unbelievable as a mere coincidence.  Two key questions are who orchestrated it, and how.

A story has begun emerging on the internet which has a ring of truth to it.  It is one explanation that plausibly lays out a central coordinating/execution role that could have engineered the technical shutdown of vote-counting and subsequent adjustment of tabulation algorithms sufficient to deliver the ‘victory’ to Joe Biden.

The pieces involve Obama-friendly Italian leftists, Dominion Voting Systems, and satellite communications capabilities within the Italian military-industrial complex.

The story is so potentially explosive, it might even pave the way to compel the US House and Senate to set aside even a January 6th rubber stamp of the Electoral College vote for Biden.  (At this writing, the January 6th action of the House and Senate is not yet known).

The history of Barack Obama’s outreach to politically sympatico Italian leaders is not a secret; Obama’s last state dinner as President hosted the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and about four months after Trump took office, Obama visited Italy to meet with then former Prime Minister Renzi.

There have been more detailed rumblings during the past four years of Italian involvement in the creation and sustaining of the Russia collusion hoax against Trump.  Remember the name Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese ‘professor’ long ‘disappeared’ in Italy during the Mueller investigation, who was central to the apparent framing of George Papadopoulos as the ‘source’ for Trump’s supposed efforts to get Hillary’s emails from the Russians?  Remember the firing of four top Italian intelligence officials after a conversation between President Trump and a successor to Renzi—Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte?

The story now emerging in Italian media and social media is that there may be some significant overlap in the Italian cast of characters in Coup #1 (the Russia collusion hoax) and the election fraud coup.  The name of the Italian defense contractor Leonardo has surfaced with reference to its military satellite communications capability.

Is there proof of unusual satellite communication activity on November 3rd that involve Italian satellites and Frankfurt servers and US voting machines?   What is the nature of that proof?  Where does it reside?  Who controls it?  Can it be produced in evidentiary form?   Those are the questions.


The fact that not even President Trump has been talking about this is a point that skeptics would immediately and fairly make to discredit the story.

But a refusal or obstruction by CIA Director Gina Haspel (protégé of John Brennan and Brennan’s CIA station chief in London during the setup of the Russia collusion hoax) to share with President Trump what the CIA knows is both believable and consistent with the still-delayed DNI report to the President that was due December 18, 2020, and could also be the reason why President Trump has held off talking about it publicly.

The extraordinarily dangerous reality for America is that very likely President Trump doesn’t know which individuals and which if any of the alphabet agencies he can trust.  The FBI and DOJ have been indefensibly invisible in the investigation of the election fraud and suspiciously slow to act on the John Durham investigation of the Deep State’s actions during the Russia collusion hoax.

The Catch 22 of this so-far apparently private investigation and inquiry is the inability to access the legal authority to impound equipment, interrogate witnesses and make arrests in order to get past theories into evidence and proof, while critics and skeptics condemn and scoff at theories because of their relative absence of evidence and proof.

We don’t claim to know, and have no way of finding out, answers to any of the key questions, and do not intend to make or imply a specific accusation of election fraud or any other election-related wrongdoing on the part of anyone, Italian or otherwise.

But the truth as to the simultaneous five swing state vote-counting shutdown is very likely the linchpin to understanding and exposing the full scope of the multi-headed, foreign and domestic globalist monster that orchestrated the massive election fraud of 2020.  Because of the extremely high importance of discovering and exposing that linchpin, the bar for launching an investigation of any reasonable explanation of it ought to be low.  In our view, the Italian story clears that low bar.

Maybe there is no explanation of the five-state shutdown beyond the one-in-a-billion-or-so chance of it being a random occurrence.  But there is a clear groundwork of reasonable suspicion in this Italian story.

It would be great if the American people still believed the USA has intelligence and law enforcement services that can be trusted to pursue reasonable investigative leads and be truthful about reporting their findings…because of their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  But faith in those agencies has been gravely wounded during the last four years, and this ‘Italian Job’ story offers them an opportunity to robustly investigate and restore trust, or not.

Let’s see what happens.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?