January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016

First Fifteen

Debbie talks about Texas Governor Greg Abbott joining the call for a Convention of the States to help get America back on her Constitutional track.  The call for political and moral courage in our times may be as serious as it has ever been.  His action fits well within the theme of the LCWT show for 2016:  the paramount need for the American people to reclaim the identity of America, embrace it, and fight for it.

Alsto in the first hour:

Second Amendment expert Hans Von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation calls in to talk with Debbie about the implications of Obama’s new gun control initiatives.  There is much to be concerned about.

Hillary’s email troubles are becoming more serious, not less.

LCWT introduces the monthly honoring of outstanding American women.  January’s honoree is Dr. Carol Swain, law professor at Vanderbilt University.  Dr. Swain’s rise from abject poverty is truly inspirational.


In the second hour:

Leading ladies Cari Keleman and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.

Former DEA agent James “Jimmy” Capra joins Debbie and the leading ladies to talk about the issues relating to the legalization of marijuana.  Colorado’s experiment is not encouraging.  Marijuana is not a medicine, and appeals to so-called medicinal applications are misleading.  Marijuana is also unquestionably a gateway drug.  A lot to think about…


Hillary’s campaign and the restoration of the rule of law are increasingly at odds.

The violence against women in Cologne Germany; the shooting of a policeman in Philadelphia; and the reactions of government officials are extremely disturbing.  Common sense is being replaced by denial and obfuscation.

Links reviewed in preparation for the first hour: 

Convention of the States

Gun control – who is harmed?

Ted Cruz’s Birthplace & Eligibility (1)

Ted Cruz’s Birthplace & Eligibility (2)


Links reviewed in preparation for the second hour:

Marijuana legalization impact in Coloradeo- stats

Is Hillary eligible?


Philly Police officer shot and shooter says he did it for ISIS but police are saying it had nothing to do with Islam

Where are the leaders speaking up for police?

Philadelphia mayor says shooting has nothing to do with Islam despite that shooter says it does

More on Philly

Obama admin stalling on terrorist history of refugees in America

In Cologne, police chief quits over rape problem, inadequate protection and reporting

More on Cologne

Even more on Cologne

National Organization of Women endorses Hillary who will stand up against sexual victimization of women: (except Bill’s victims)