January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

Links to articles and videos reviewed in preparation for the January 22nd show.

Thousands of Criminal Illegal immigrants Sent Home After Apprehension at Southern Border

Unions Bankrolling School Choice Devos Opposition

Chicago Police and the Need for Justice

Abortions at Historic Low

A Guide to the Basic Differences between Left and Right

Step away from That Ledge, Davos Man

The Left is Thoroughly Bamboozled

Obama: Limbaugh and Fox News Ruined my Presidency

Hungarian PM get is Right again Turns Screws on Soros Backed NGOs

Maxine Waters Chris Matthews invoke Fake News Dossier to Float Trump Impeachment

Russia, Cyber Take Center Stage at Confirmation Hearings

26 Democratic Lawmakers Boycotting Trump Inauguration

Corey Booker and the Lawless Left

Martin Luther King Jr.

Pruitt’s Ammo in the Phone War on CO2

On MLK Day, Stand Against Identity Politics

Top Divinity Schools use Gender-Neutral Language to Refer to God

Finally a Republican Leader Playing Offense

Horowitz’s Big Agenda reveals Trumps coming DC Earthquake

Trump Inaugural Address

Inauguration Address Was a Declaration of War

Trump Speech Dreadful

Trump Strikes Nationalistic Tone in Speech

Women’s March on Washington

Women’s March Against Trump

Inauguration Crowd Size

Women’s March Beat Speech Crowd

Trump CIA Remarks

Spicer First Presser















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