January 24, 2016

January 24, 2016

First Fifteen


Debbie’s first fifteen talk about the Trump candidacy; National Review’s unusual compilation of denunciations of Trump; and America’s need to get past symbolic candidates to real American leaders.


Prominent American author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza calls in to talk with Debbie about his latest book “Stealing America”—and the lessons he learned from his ‘confinement center’ sentence for daring to oppose the Obama regime.


D’Souza is a very astute and insightful observer of the American culture and political system.  Listen to his observations about the similarity between criminal gangs and their ‘pitch’ to get the naïve homeowner to open the latched door in order to steal, and Democrat political tactics.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Chris Davis and Drinda Randall join Debbie to talk about the issues of the day.


First up is an interview with Thomas McNutt, young and new candidate for representative of Texas House District 8—opposing multi-term incumbent Byron Cook.


Trump, Palin, Cruz, and Hillary are all on the agenda for conversation, along with the Davos conference—what is John Kerry thinking?


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the January 27th show: 


Freedom to NOT join teacher unions OR pay dues at SCOTUS

DAVOS World economic Forum–Soros and Kerry

Kerry: World is getting better, faster

Soros: Trump and Cruz are like ISIS

Hillary and Gender Card—women not backing

Palin’s endorsement of Trump…

     (Short audio)

     Full 20 minutes audio 

Trump (says he) could shoot someone and not lose supporters

Oscars Diversity controversy: Oscar’s Feb 28 and second year in a row all nominees are white

     Charlotte Rampling comments … Tensions in race … 


Former US Attorney General 2007-2009, Mike Mukasey, says a criminal charge is justified against Hillary Clinton, but later says no prosecution is likely to occur

Norwegians hold NO is NO classes for Muslim Immigrants to teach western values

Trump Twitter Tirade

National Review Conservatives Against Trump

Bernie risingagainst Hillary

Voters care less about goal of woman president and more about what candidates stand for

43RD Anniversary of Roe vs Wade and March for Life

Sarah Palin endorsements 2014-record