January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016

First Fifteen


Debbie’s First Fifteen address the crying need for the American political conversation to get far more serious.  Debate gamesmanship and insult-based campaigns are just not equal to the challenges of the times.


The show turns to the proposal for a Convention of the States to address the out of control federal government.  Debbie interviews Tamara Colbert, a Texas-based leader of the effort to demand a Convention of the States; and follows with an interview of Ed Martin, President of the Eagle Forum, which is staunchly opposed to such a Convention.  Very informative back-to-back interviews.


Leading lady Lorie Medina is currently in Iowa as a support volunteer for the presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz.  Lorie calls in to give her sense of what Iowans are thinking.


In the second hour…


Debbie is joined by leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Jeni McGarry.


First up is an in studio interview with Cherie Roughneen, a candidate in the Republican Primary for Congressional District 32 currently held by Pete Sessions. Cherie traces her background as a Burmese immigrant in 1979 through to her decision to run for Congress.


The leading ladies then take up the increasing scope and seriousness of Hillary Clinton’s scandals, along with stories indicating former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg might step in to the presidential race.


Debbie points out the Obama administration’s move to implement ‘fair paycheck’ type regulations by fiat (because Congress would not pass such a law), and the deleterious impact such laws have on all workers, especially women.


Debbie, Cari and Jeni conclude with a look at NYC’s decline under Bill deBlasio—including specifically the break from ‘broken windows’ style policing that made the city so special during the Giuliani years. Sheds new light on what is and is not racism.


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