January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the January 8th show:


Wilie Horton: A Fake News Story that Refuses to Die American Thinker, Jack Cashill

Trigger Warning: Immigration Discussed Here Patriot Post, James Shott

Warnings from the Terrorists Themselves American Thinker, Elise Cooper

Progressives” Plan B: Violent Protest or Principled Opposition? National Review, Ian Tuttle

Christians most Persecuted Faith in World Truth Revolt, Trey Sanchez

Obama Hasn’t had a Scandal Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt

How Sam Darnold Came out of Nowhere to Save USC Season Kyle Bonagura, ESPN

Massachusetts Feels the Impact of Highest Minimum Wage Jon Street, The Blaze

Ford Alters Plan Jon Street, The Blaze

Operation Choke Point Kelsey Harkness, Daily Signal

A Grand Canyon-Sized Divide Between Democrats and Christians Patriot Post, Louis DeBroux

Obama’s Last-Minute Legacy-Padding on Foreign Policy National Review, Jonah Goldberg

How the GOP Can Use Its Mandate Patriot Post, Lewis Morris

20 Incredibly Popular Conservative Ideas to Tackle National Security and Immigration in 2017 Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz

Cruz, Rubio, Heller Join Forces to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Conservative Review, Chris Pandolfo

The Left’s New Soviet Union Bruce Walker, American Thinker

Dear Feminists, ‘Male Vulnerability’ Isn’t a Virtue David French, National Review

For Peace in Palestine, Start From Scratch Mario Loyola, National Review

US Construction Spending Hits More Than 10 Year High Tiffany Gabbay

Clemson LB Ben Boulware on Grabbing: We’ve done it all year David Hale, ESPN

Donald Trump and the Gun Law Revolution Leesa K. Donner, American Thinker

Broken: The Sickening, Stale, and Worn Out Narratives of the Left David Prentice, American Thinker

Gullible News is a Worse Problem than Fake News David French, National Review

The Search for the Real America Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

Why the Anti-Israel Sentiment Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Progressives Wage the Real War on Women Allyne Caan, Patriot Post

Obama Gladly Takes Another Unearned Medal Political Editors, Patriot Post

Europe in Crisis: Compassion Can’t Stop Islamic Terror Arnold Ahlert, Patriot Post

Task Force Urges Trump to Develop Better Cyber Deterrent Morgan Chalfant, Washington Free Beacon

EPA Asks Employees if They’re Straight, Gay, or Something Else Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon

Unite, Even Forgive, but Never Forget American Thinker, Christopher West

Chicago is Breaking National Review, David French

Obama Still Doesn’t Get America American Thinker, James Lewis

Sangin, Bloody Sangin, and Wretched Afghanistan National Review, Bing West

Agents and Agencies National Review, Kevin D. Williamson

The ObamaCare Conundrum Patriot Post, Thomas Gallatin

Record 95,102,000 Americans Not Participating in Labor Force Al Meyer, Washington Free Beacon

Collision of Two Suns in Night Sky will Create New Star in 2022 Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

Unity:73% of Americans Want Trump to Succeed Paul Boole, Truth Revolt

Fleck: Leaving WMU to go to Minnesota