Jeff O’Donnell – Wisconsin Election Irregularities

Jeff O’Donnell – Wisconsin Election Irregularities

Via the Liberty Overwatch Telegram channel…there are two major takeaways:

  1. Wisconsin should de-certify the state’s 2020 election results; there is already enough evidence of fraud and malfeasance for any sentient individual to conclude the results were not reliable.
  2. Consider the facts outlined below, and then ponder just how disturbing it is that no one in the so-called ‘mainstream media’ will report on this.  This subject ought to be right up the alley of Journalism 101:  a hugely important story about the state of American election integrity or security in November 2020, filled with facts to be examined and dissected and debated.  Shouldn’t be even remotely partisan to get behind an objective investigation and report.  But what Americans get from institutional journalism voices is crickets.  No wonder alternative media and alternative social media platforms are experiencing explosive growth in viewership and users.

Editorial comments below in red font.


Veteran software and database engineer Jeff O’Donnell shared his analysis of Wisconsin’s August 2021 voter file at the Wisconsin Campaigns & Election Committee hearing today. He found “significant red flags” and “highly suspicious issues,” including:

• Although Wisconsin’s population is 5.8M with approximately 4.5M eligible to vote, there are more than 7M separate voter records, suggesting that voters are placed on inactive status rather than being removed.  [This is where phantom voters are harvested–i.e., where the ‘line of credit’ of phantom voters are created and can then be drawn upon to create the appearance of actual voters.]

• Approximately 3.3M Wisconsinites voted in the 2020 election, representing 93.7% of the state’s 3.5M active voters.  [A 93.7% turnout is preposterous; it did not happen.]

• 121,251 active WI voters have been registered for 110 – 119 years (; in total, more than 500K active and inactive voters have a January 1, 1918 registration date. O’Donnell points out that while that date may have been used as a placeholder when information was missing, 500K is an alarmingly high number.  [There are not 121K+ people in Wisconsin who are over age 110 (or more accurately, since these people would have to be 18 to register to vote, all 121K+ of them are now over age 128).  This is ridiculous and fraudulent on its face.  500,000+ people did not all register to vote on January 1, 2018.   This is obviously fraudulent.]

• According to the WI LAB audit report (, 957,977 voters registered as new voters in 2020; 45,665 of these new voters registered with a driver’s license that did not match DMV records.  [The ‘did not match’ category ought to be in the hundreds…but 45K+????]

• 205,355 active voters have a registration application date of November 3, 2020.

• 10% of voters in the WI voter file (22% of all active voters) registered between May 3, 2020 and November 3, 2020.

• 31,872 of the voters who registered during the 6 months leading up to the 2020 election are now listed as inactive.

• In total, 42K voters who voted in the 2020 election are now listed inactive; O’Donnell points out that, even factoring in changes of address, 42K is an “excessive” number of deactivations for recently active voters.

•The WI registration database API allows users to “switch voters to active at any time as needed.”

“In conclusion, the irregularities and red flags found by both this report and the Valentine report indicate a huge potential for nefarious actors to access the WI registration system and… manipulate any voter’s status. There needs to be an investigation by competent outside database experts to explain the causes of the specific anomalies… and examine the system log files for evidence of external intrusion. The investigation also needs to determine if third party voter organizations have been granted access to the system to create, manipulate, or improperly utilize voter records.”