John Bolton Doesn’t Matter

John Bolton Doesn’t Matter

There’s always been a tension between the Democrat/leftist view of the American people—which is to assume their stupidity—and the heartland patriot view of the American people—which is to never underestimate their intelligence and discernment.

The heartland patriots are right, and that’s why the Beltway froth over John Bolton and his book isn’t going to matter one whit to the 63 million (and counting) deplorables who support President Trump.

“Tell-all” books by former government insiders are titillating to the ruling class; they are mostly disgusting to normal Americans. That’s initially because the obvious cashing in on what is supposed to be public service is itself off-putting.

But when the tell-all comes from the former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States—a position which necessarily involves access to the most sensitive of secret information about threats to the nation—it is more than off-putting and disgusting. It is elevating the terminated Bolton’s bruised ego and his desire for a big cash advance over America’s need for a healthy, trustworthy national security function serving America’s Commander-in-Chief. Which is to say, it is enemy-level subversive to the interests of the American people Bolton supposedly served.

And when the tell-all is timed for release in an election year inside a Beltway already in a ruling class frenzy to get rid of Donald Trump…well, in the eyes of the American people, the author and everyone associated with propping up this effort descend into the ranks of the smallest and pettiest of people.

The American people have witnessed the Russia collusion hoax, the impeachment scam, the pandemic over-reaction scam, the BLM/Antifa orchestrated riots over the lie of ‘systemic racism’, so-called ‘judges’ Emmet Sullivan and Amy Berman Jackson and John Roberts issuing so-called legal rulings that stand for nothing but “Trump’s side must always lose” —and boy, do the American people get it: America’s Deep State ruling class HATES Donald Trump and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

In this context, long-time ruling class member John Bolton and his book are small potatoes; just the latest in a long line of hissy fits thrown by those whose true character, competence and motivations are being exposed by the arrival of an outsider President. John Bolton, meet James Comey.

The ruling class and radical left are completely out of touch with the spirit of America. It is a spirit that loves freedom; that instinctively knows how rare freedom is; that humbly senses there is a higher power behind the founding of America; that will not surrender this heritage.

That same spirit can sense when America’s leaders are out of synch with it; when America’s leaders start to carry a vibe that they are ‘rulers of men’—i.e., that America is about them and not about ‘we the (American) people’.

The American spirit has been flashing neon warning signs since shortly after Bush 41 broke his ‘read my lips’ no new taxes pledge. That was a quintessential ruling class gesture—he knew better what to do than the American people who voted for him, and he knew silly things like campaign promises to the American people were for chumps.

The flashing neon warning signs went to nuclear overdrive when Nancy Pelosi informed Americans that Congress would first have to pass a socialist overhaul of healthcare ‘in order to find out what’s in it.’

And in between and thereafter, the flashing neon signs finally reached overcapacity, shorted out and set a fire in and around the Beltway that very few could see or smell. But countless ruling class logs continued to be added to the fire (e.g., IRS targeting of tea party activists; and the sellout of America’s rust belt manufacturing jobs in the interests of developing China and globalist trade visions).

That’s when a certain ride down the escalator took place in Trump Tower in June of 2015.

There’s not a deplorable anywhere who doesn’t recognize that Donald Trump is not a ‘normal’ President; that Trump can be crass and impolite and narcissistic; that he has no doubt ignored or violated many norms of political and Presidential behavior and protocol, that he might well NOT be the right man to be President in a different time.

But in the five years since the escalator ride, Donald Trump has radiated a love for America and a sense that he is in touch and fully aligned with the American spirit. And Americans sense that this is the real reason why he is hated and vilified.

As much as Bolton and Mattis and Kelly and McMaster and Tillerson and a dozen others may try to convince Americans that their disdain for Trump is principled—about substantive policy issues or even about a personality they deem unfit for the Presidency—Americans believe it’s utterly unprincipled. It’s simply about Trump having blown up the ‘rulers of men’ club for which the malcontents paid a lifetime of dues to get into and in which their careers and fortunes are now at risk.

In that context, Bolton’s book isn’t just small potatoes; it’s rotten potatoes thrown at the wall as part of a ruling class tantrum.

Can you believe Bolton said that Trump said XYZ about ABC!!??  American deplorables’ answer: “Yes, I can believe Bolton said so, but I’m ambivalent at best about what Bolton said; I frankly do not care whether it’s true, untrue or somewhere in between. I voted for Donald Trump to be President.”

John Bolton doesn’t matter.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?