John Hayward – Twitter Thread as an Advanced Political Science Class

John Hayward – Twitter Thread as an Advanced Political Science Class

John Hayward put together a twitter thread yesterday (9/15/21) filled with insight on America’s current political predicament.  Reproduced below in an easier-to-read format…you’ll find more astute observations in it than you’d find in most graduate level political science courses…and for those who prefer ‘what the hell is going on in America?‘ explanations only in secular terms, this is an especially digestible piece.


From John Hayward’s September 15, 2021 twitter thread:

Milley’s treason is a landmark in the evolution of the Great Reset, which began with the formation of the Deep State: the notion that a sizable amount of government power must be protected from voters. As I like to say: Democracy rebooted with an authoritarian core.

The totalitarian Left passionately believes there should be an elite core of government bureaucrats, with correct ideology and Party credentials, who are not subject to the whims of voters. There are issues of such importance that idiot voters cannot be allowed to interfere.

Of course, that list of issues that should not be subject to the will of the American electorate grows longer all the time. The Great Reset is a whole new political operating system, not one of the authoritarian patches the Left has been uploading every few years.

The Permanent Bureaucracy formed first, a vast horde of unelected unionized “public servants” who are almost impossible to fire. Congress offloaded more and more of its power to agencies and regulations, placing that power beyond the reach of voters.

The Deep State formed within the Permanent Bureaucracy – a network of like-minded left-leaning senior officials who collude to nullify the results of elections they disagree with. We learned from their emails and texts that they see themselves as superior to elected officials.

During the Democrats’ impeachment farce, their Deep State witnesses kept saying it was criminal for President Trump to interfere with “their” policies or disregard their “advice.” This was a naked assertion of power superior to voters. No measly elected President could defy them.

How is what Milley did any different? He colluded with aggressive, deadly enemies of the United States to undermine an elected president who disagreed with the Deep State’s politics and diplomacy. Same mindset as the Democrats’ absurd Impeachment Theater “sacred whistleblower.”

Do you recall Milley running for any office during the 2016 or 2020 elections? Do you recall him explaining HIS foreign policy to voters and humbly asking for their support? Where could we have gone to vote against Milley’s foreign policy and diplomatic agenda?

From Permanent Bureaucracy to Deep State and now to the Great Reset, when some of these hidden systems and unwritten rules will finally be made explicit, the trend has been to diminish elected officials and shift more government power beyond the reach of American voters.

The centralization of power in Washington, the erosion of states and the nationalization of everything, made this inevitable. 50 Permanent Bureaucracies and 50 Deep States could never have disempowered the American voter so thoroughly. Maybe it began with the 17th Amendment.

Washington has become not a shining city on a hill, but a Mount Olympus whose slopes the ordinary American voter cannot climb. You simply are not allowed to vote against, or even resist, much of what the authoritarian core decides. It is not interested in your opinion or consent.

With the Great Reset, we’ll be told a hard core of political and economic power has been firewalled against interference by voters. You’re just not qualified to influence the weighty decisions those elite experts will make. You’ll be “free” to roam within the fences they build.

You’ll be told this is for your own good, that your smaller “democracy” is now safer because your betters have the unlimited power they need to protect and guide you. They’ll still let your elected representatives vote on certain things or exercise limited executive power.

Likewise, you can have some economic freedom, but key sectors of the economy will be under authoritarian control for your own good. You don’t get to mess with the fused political/economic core operating system. You’re free to spend the 30 cents on each dollar you get to keep.

If you vote the “wrong” way or elect the “wrong” people, the Deep State will nullify and override the election to protect you from yourself. Of COURSE people who think like this interface easily with Chinese Communist officers. Different hardware, same programming code. /end

Bonus from John Hayward today:

Today would be a fun day for someone at the Pentagon to reveal they colluded with foreign powers after concluding Joe Biden is mentally unfit for office. Watch this news cycle do a screaming 720-degree turn, flinging Dems and NeverTrumpers over the opinion highway like rag dolls!