Julie Kelly – “January 6 is the New Russiagate Lie”

Julie Kelly – “January 6 is the New Russiagate Lie”

Worth reading from American Greatness – “January 6 is the New Russiagate Lie


The manufactured deception about the events of January 6 quickly is approaching Russiagate levels. The formula is familiar: Find a catchy phrase—in this case it’s “insurrection” instead of “collusion”—then fertilize the information ecosystem with the term and watch it grow like a weed.

Get political leaders including former presidents and top lawmakers of both parties to use the description, giving it immediate legitimacy. Issue dire warnings about the “threat to democracy” and “rule of law.” Identify the villain—Donald Trump, of course—and make solemn pledges to hunt down every perpetrator until justice is done.

…the phony account of what happened to Brian Sicknick and the others wasn’t the result of an honest mistake; it was a vital anecdote intended to stoke fury about the “insurrection” and depict Trump supporters not just as deplorables but cop killers. And the people involved in setting the tone right at the start knew exactly what they were doing.

It’s impossible to count how many impressions of “five people killed” pollute government documents, news websites, social media, and the brains of tens of millions of Americans. The line is a permanent chapter in the folklore of January 6—and it’s untrue. Just like the notion the protest was an “armed insurrection” and the people involved are guilty of “sedition,” the January 6 body count is one more myth.

Manufactured deception” – remember that…