July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016

The First Five


For the second week in a row, Debbie talks about racially-motivated violence in America. Healing solutions must be the goal, and Martin Luther King seems to be the last leader who believed such solutions are possible.  Worth thinking about.


Senator Tim Scott spoke about real profiling problems; that’s one truth. A Harvard study showing no racial bias in police shootings is another truth. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is not truth. Accepting truth is the starting point for Americans who want real solutions.


Dr. Barbara Kolm, Director of the Austrian Economic Center, and President of the Hayek Institute in Austria, joins Debbie to talk about her 2016 Free Market Road Show and many other issues relating to Austrian politics and the EU. The European refugee crisis and unassimilated Muslim immigrants are discussed.


Leading lady Cari Kelemen joins Debbie to talk with Dr. Kolm (and for the second hour roundtable).


In the second hour…


One Question, Rapid Fire Answers:  Newt Gingrich called for asking American Muslims if they support sharia, and deporting them if they do.  Did he go too far?


Cari thinks Newt was right on target; ‘sharia’ is the issue, and it is incompatible with the US Constitution. More Americans need to realize sharia is what takes Islam beyond religion into politics, legislation, military activities and objectives.


Trump’s VP choice Mike Pence arrives on the scene; first impressions at ‘America, Can We Talk?’ are positive. But Pence’s weak handling of the RFRA dustup in Indiana is of concern.


Polling is shifting to Trump, especially issue-based polls.


Kathleen Hartnett White of the Texas Public Policy Foundation [officially, Distinguished Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment] calls in to talk about energy policy—and the need to stop the lies about coal, air quality and other energy issues.  Ms. White’s book, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, is a must read for those who want a better understanding of the energy picture and the overwhelmingly positive contribution of fossil fuels to human progress.


The GOP and Democrat Party platforms have diverged like no other time in recent American history.  Americans need to tune in and find out why.


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