June 19, 2016

June 19, 2016

The First Five


On this show on Father’s Day, Debbie takes a look at the upcoming Brexit vote on June 23rd. Very similar factions in the UK as are in the US; nationalism and sovereignty also; and the all-important issue of Islamic immigration and Islamic refugees. Englanders are increasingly wary of the events of Brussels, Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, et. al. A bellwether vote for sure, as those in favor of preserving the British culture are labeled racists and fear-mongerers by the usual leftist media outlets.


Orlando deserves further comment. Polls are trying to manipulate American opinion toward pro-Islamic leftist views. The Department of Homeland Security has handcuffed federal jihad investigations and imposed willful blindness. A Syrian Muslim refugee on the Homeland Security advisory council celebrates 9/11. Think about that.


Former Muslim and author Nonie Darwish calls in to talk with Debbie about Islam in America.   Nonie grew up in Egypt; her first book “Now They Call Me Infidel” ought to be ‘must read’ material for all American students. Her upcoming book “Holy Difference: Islamic Values vs. Biblical Values” will be another must read.


Nonie describes the real problem as ‘political Islam’—the imposition of government control via sharia, which is not religion.


Does it matter what we call things? Like radical Islamic terrorism? War on America? And what, really, is the Muslim Brotherhood? And how many US mosques are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood?


Time to face the truth.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Chris Davis and Drinda Randall join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


This week’s One Question and Rapid Fire Answers: Donald Trump says America should seriously consider profiling Muslims in the US- Paul Ryan says that’s not who we are … Polls say people split—Should we and will this hurt or help Trump campaign?


Chris says Trump needs to speak up even more, and needs to mean it. The media will try to destroy him, but he needs to keep fighting. He also ought to use his fellow 17 presidential candidates to populate his administration.


Drinda says Trump is onto common sense, and America needs to hear more of it. Political correctness is killing Americans.


Debbie points to Nonie’s interview answers—of course he needs to continue, and it will help him.


Dr. Mark Christian, former Muslim Imam, is speaking out on ‘theological’ Islam; he says 80% of US mosques are under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Americans are more awake than American politicians.


And the left thinks this is about gun control? What about no-fly lists?


Cole Lyle calls in to talk about his PAWS Act—placing dogs as pets with returning soldiers dealing with PTSD. A truly heartwarming initiative—worthy of your support.


Looking at polls–so important to understand the ways they can be manipulated by sampling, by the way questions are worded, by what the pollster wants the answer to be.  Americans must see through the nonsense.  Will Trump fight back?  Romney never did, and lost.  Trump is no Romney; he plays hardball.


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