June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016

The First Five

Debbie speculated on the what-ifs of the Brexit vote last week; this week we know the outcome—but what does it mean for America?  America’s founders enshrined the commitment of government to protect the rights of the individual; UK voters on June 23rd reaffirmed their own commitment to the sovereignty and liberty of the British citizen.  Laws made by a distant elite; immigration of undesirables forced upon the citizens—these are the ideas that UK citizens revolted against; Americans are not far behind.  Dependence and fear of freedom drove the ‘remain’ vote, but the spirit of love for freedom prevailed.

Obama lectured the British on how they should vote; the British did the opposite.

Former DHS official (and founding member) Phillip Haney calls in to talk about his book “See Something, Say Nothing”.  The extent to which the Obama administration has been shutting down investigations of Islamic groups and suspects on civil rights grounds is stunning and frightening.  Haney says the focus needs to shift to understanding shariah, because that’s the propelling force of Islamic terrorism:  to implement shariah everywhere.

In the second hour…

Leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Jeni McGarry join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.

The Rapid Fire Question:

What if anything does the Brexit vote mean for the fall elections in the US?

Jeni – Putting America first ought to be right in step with the UK spirit; maybe even stronger, given how many Americans think the country is off track.

Cari – This spirit is what put Trump on the map in the first place; it will help him in the general as well.

Brexit was about rejecting elitism.  California’s proposed transgender law is a ridiculous imposition of elitist opinion; respect for the LGBT community must go with respect for religious communities.

Brexit is also about rejecting globalism; Obama speaking ‘for’ globalism will spur nationalism everywhere.

Pundit, satirist and author Scott Ott calls in to talk about new media initiatives like billwhittle.com, and then to take on some of the issues of the day, such as (1) the Democrat sit-in, (2) Orlando self-defense, (3) no-fly, no buy lists, (4) Obama’s recent bad run at the Supreme Court, and (5) Loretta Lynch.


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THIS is a recording of our show guest this coming Sunday …

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