June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

The First Five


Debbie takes up the precious American value of freedom of speech. John Guandolo and CAIR (a front group for the terrorist group Hamas) have squared off in Texas. CAIR wants to shut down anyone speaking anything other than praise for Islam and Islamic teachings. The Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in the 1990’s found CAIR to be an unindicted co-conspirator involved in providing financial support to terrorists.


Facebook, Google and Twitter have joined the EU’s stance against ‘hate speech’. Listeners need to understand: this is all heading to suppression of freedom of speech, and the result is always tyranny.


The Obama administration’s shakedown operation against banks is just stunning. These are the actions of a 3rd world banana republic.


Lawyer, talk show host and energy expert Jacki Pick calls in to talk about what needs to be addressed by the Presidential candidates on the topic of energy production and development.


The first answer: fracking! (a/k/a hydraulic fracturing)

Bernie doesn’t get it at all; Hillary wants to regulate it out of existence; Trump wants to go for it. Trump is the only position that makes sense, and the only one that preserves America’s ability to continue as a superpower into the 21st century.


California’s recent moves to criminalize skepticism on man-made climate change are just outrageous, not to mention patently unconstitutional.


Debbie’s ‘cruise through the news’: an atheistic march on Washington…for ‘reason’?; Switzerland votes down a guaranteed basic income for everyone…good for them…dignity is from achievement, not receipt of handouts; 4th Circuit Court of Appeals deals a blow to cellphone privacy…what’s the right balance?


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Jeni McGarry and Drinda Randall continue with Debbie in the second hour roundtable.


One question and rapid fire responses: did Hillary Clinton hurt Trump with speech on foreign policy?

Jeni:  No way; everything Hillary said about Trump is projection…she’s far worse.

Drinda:  Not at all; the record of the past 8 years is horrible—Benghazi stands out above all.

Debbie:  Hillary tapped concerns about Trump’s temperament, so it depends on how he responds. She has an actual record as Secretary of State.


Millennial author, columnist and speaker Katie Kieffer calls in to talk about her book, “Let Me Be Clear – Barack Obama’s War on Millennials, and One Woman’s Case for Hope”. Katie has noted her generation is the first to experience an America that’s not better for them than for their parents. So many implications…


Switching topics—what to make of violent protests at Trump rallies?  This is not the United States of America; the radical left’s intimidation tactics and violence must be stopped.  America’s First Amendment is fundamental to American exceptionalism; it must be honored.  A ‘must listen’ discussion.


Switching topics again – transgenderism, or gender confusion–how is this going to shake out in the 2016 election season?  Polls vary, but Quinnipiac’s results point to widespread opposition, although strangely less opposition among women than men.  Georgia’s ACLU official got a dose of reality.  Trump has made a good point on federalism–where does Obama get the authority to drive this issue across American society?  But there are deeper issues and agendas at work…


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