Juneteenth; Women and Socialism; Trump 2020

Juneteenth; Women and Socialism; Trump 2020

Articles reviewed in preparation for the June 19th show:

Juneteenth TODAY

What is Juneteenth? History and Flag to Commemorate the Emancipation of Slaves


WOMEN love socialism but WHY?  Romina Boccia of Heritage Foundation 

“Axios on HBO” poll: 55% of women prefer socialism

Poll: Socialism gaining in popularity among women — A majority of women, millennials, Democrats are all heeding the siren song of socialism, conflating fair treatment or equity with equality of outcomes. The former thrives in a market economy that relies on voluntary interactions between individuals and groups that serve each other for mutual benefit. The latter relies on tyranny for its implementation. The free enterprise system has spawned much of what is true and good in society, including prosperity, charity, loving and nurturing family environments, leisure, the arts, science, and human flourishing. We simply need to connect the dots. Heritage expert: Romina Boccia


Will Debt Destroy Our Republic? 

Averting the Next Fiscal Train Wreck

America’s Achilles Heel: Our Debt Catastrophe


Trump’s 2020 Announcement Rally 

Link to Trump’s Orlando Rally and Presidential Re-election campaign announcement


Biden UP 10 points over the President? 

Trump Campaign Just Raised $24.8 Million, Less than 24 Hours After Orlando RallyGOP Frets About Trump’s Poll Numbers