Justin Trudeau and Flashpoint Canada

Justin Trudeau and Flashpoint Canada

The Canadian truckers’ convoy is real; it is enormous; it is impelled by infinitely more than truckers; and it does not represent, as Justin Trudeau would like to believe, a ‘fringe minority, holding unacceptable views‘.  It represents the spirit of the mainstream of Canadians; it reflects the spirit of the mainstream of humanity.

People have had enough of tyrannical ‘elected leaders’ presuming to have authority to mandate anything, much less to mandate the injection into the human body of experimental drugs.

Justin Trudeau will not be able to use a 5-day covid quarantine to ride out the convoy and let it blow over.  It ain’t going to blow over.

Ironically, his duck and cover use of covid quarantining points to the core reason truckers and everyone else are getting so fed up:  if the covid vaccines were truly safe and effective ‘vaccines’, Trudeau wouldn’t have to quarantine at all–because he is (or claims to be) fully vaccinated.  If the vaccines are so ineffective as to require quarantining based on a whiff of exposure to covid (from which the hard data shows a 99.9% recovery rate for the overwhelming majority of people), what’s the reason to hysterically mandate them?

Canada–often dismissed as a cold place where nothing important happens–may become a global flashpoint that prompts the unraveling of a whole lot of fraud and manipulation–and not just involving covid vaccines.