Kurt Schlichter – Injecting Vitamin Truth, or ‘Inoculate Yourself Against Manipulation’

Kurt Schlichter – Injecting Vitamin Truth, or ‘Inoculate Yourself Against Manipulation’

Kurt Schlichter‘s style is not for everyone.  But he’s capable of delivering hard truth in a unique and usually humorous way.  His post below “Inoculate Yourself Against Manipulation” packs a needed punch.


Here’s a little diagnostic test – what command, edict, or order do these people [the left] ever issue that increases your wealth, safety, or freedom?   None, ever.

Gobble down a red pill and vaccinate yourself against the social pathology of woke Marxism.


Inoculate Yourself Against Manipulation

There’s one vaccine you should want – it’s an injection of basedness that renders you immune to bogus heartstring-tugging designed to get you to agree first to the massacre of others, then of yourself. Take a full dose and get the booster – it’s not MRNA and not a Pfizer product. It promotes your intellectual immune systems by allowing you to understand your enemy as well as he/she/they/xir understands you.

These creatures, be they Palesimpians, bizarre perverts, race hustlers, or some other variety of commie bastard, understand that you are kind and nice and fair and that you live in a generally peaceful society and are therefore soft. They believe that you cannot conceive of evil because you are not evil, and to accept it requires that you confront it, and that would interfere with your life of Netflix viewing and Door Dash deliveries. They think you don’t want people to think that you are mean or harsh or any of the ridiculous epithets they toss around to silence the weak. Racist, sexist, Islamophobic, fatphobic.

This is how people with no power get power. They get you to hand it over to them.


Understand this.

You are the good guy. They are the bad guys.

Always, everything, in every context.

Everything they say is a lie, and if they happen to accidentally say something that is truth-adjacent, then that is a coincidence or an accident. Nothing they say ever has merit. None of their alleged arguments – which are never arguments but only attempts to emotionally blackmail you – are offered in good faith. You owe them no consideration, no attention, just contempt and mockery.

Remember, they hate you, and everything they say or do is based upon that.

Why do they hate you? It does not really matter. Some hate you because their ideology says to. Some because they hate their daddy and mommy and you remind them of their massively disappointed parents. Some are controlled by their own petty bigotry. Some realize that they suck and are embarrassed and humiliated because you don’t. Some just enjoy power, while some just like to hurt people. Many are combinations of several of these. None of it makes any difference.

They hate you and want to hurt you. Inject yourself with that truth serum, and everything becomes clear.

And once it all becomes clear, it is easy to see their ham-handed attempts at manipulation. Look at the Palestinians and their garbage friends. They don’t care about Palestinians children any more than they care about Jewish ones. These savages revel in corpses, enemy and alleged friend alike. And they know you care more about these kids than they do. They want to use that caring to get you to give up and give in. How dare you support the Israelis killing Hamas trash? Why, look at these children the gunmen are hiding behind! How can you allow this brutality?

How? Because you need to be brutal when people are out to kill you. Reject the assumption that you have a greater obligation to whatever allegedly oppressed faction than those who allegedly support the allegedly oppressed faction have. You don’t.

You have zero obligation to the Palestinians. None. There’s an easy solution if they really want it to stop – release the hostages and surrender, but none of the activists ever suggest that because they want Hamas to win. And by “win,” they mean kill every Jew in Israel, preferably after raping them. Never allow fussy feelz to send you into a spiral of moral handwringing instead of supporting the IDF in the hard business of killing or capturing every single one of these seventh century degenerates.

At home, they want you to care about criminals, about pervs pretending to be women, and people who can’t cut it on an even playing field. Stop doing that. The answer to crime is to punish criminals. The answer to trans idiocy is to stop tolerating trans idiocy. And the only way to end racial and other discrimination is to end racial and other discrimination, not to empower a bunch of psychotic deadbeats who want to eliminate all standards in behavior, education, and conduct because they are unwilling or unable to meet them. And climate change? It’s a hoax, and stop caring how sad that mutant kobold Greta Thunberg gets when you say so.

Once you are inoculated with Vitamin Truth, you see that this stuff is all one and the same, all moral nonsense designed to by immoral people to leverage your morality for the benefit of their power and your serfdom.

Here’s a little diagnostic test – what command, edict, or order do these people ever issue that increases your wealth, safety, or freedom? None, ever. Every single thing they insist you are somehow required to do, say, or accept makes you poorer, weaker, and less free. But that’s no surprise. The whole purpose of this grotesque exercise in manipulation is to do that.

They want you disarmed, disenfranchised, and deceased. That’s the goal. And all you need to do to stop them is to stop giving them what they want. Gobble down a red pill and vaccinate yourself against the social pathology of woke Marxism.