Kurt Schlichter – “Letting Hunter Biden Off is a Message to Us Peasants”

Kurt Schlichter – “Letting Hunter Biden Off is a Message to Us Peasants”

Maria Bartiromo’s weekend interview of former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe highlighted the depraved lengths to which 50 US intelligence ‘officials’, including former heads of the CIA, will knowingly and brazenly lie to the American people in order to assure that power is in the hands of those they believe should have it…and the American people’s desires to the contrary be damned.

Bartiromo was specifically exploring the the fact that 50 such former officials signed and published a letter–prior to the November 2020 election–stating that the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was likely Russian disinformation and not to be believed.

As Ratcliffe pointed out, there was NEVER any intelligence from US intelligence sources to back up such an assertion, and the signatories to the public letter knew it.  And of course, it is now known that the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop is not even remotely a matter of Russian disinformation.  It is a matter of Hunter Biden’s horrendous personal life–which has a direct bearing on the question of whether there are corrupt foreign influences on his father’s ‘presidency’.

Now comes Kurt Schlichter with “Letting Hunter Biden Off is a Message to Us Peasants“.  Schlichter is among the most ‘colorful’ of conservative commentators, and he possesses the courage to write and speak in a blunt, no nuanced way about what is going on in the country.  We recommend his regular columns on Townhall.com.

The Biden-Harris administration is utterly defiant of the existence or relevance of truth; they are all about an ideologically-driven quest to define ‘their truth’ or a ‘new truth’.  The idea of justice without regard for truth is simply a non sequitur; it cannot and will not exist.  Throw out respect for truth, and the administration of justice becomes a cruel and arbitrary joke.  Biden’s is a quixotic quest, and it will fail.  The only question is how quickly or slowly, and at what cost.

America was founded upon the recognition of ‘self-evident’ truth.  That’s why the ongoing assault on objective truth is so rattling to American society.

Kudos to Maria Bartiromo and Kurt Schlicther for standing up for truth.