LCWT Show Links Sunday 2.15.15

LCWT Show Links Sunday 2.15.15

From ISIS to Net Neutrality, Executive Amnesty to Valentines Day, and from Love and Marriage to 50 Shades of Grey…
LCWT has started posting, each week, links to the articles we talked about on the show.
So here you go for the February 15th show!


On Fighting ISIS and Islamic Jihad

Obama’s toothless resolution

ISIS Beheading Egyptian Christians in Libya

When the NYT admits that ISIS is Spreading…


Government taking over the Internet- what could go wrong?

FCC Commissioner says Obama taking unprecedented control over the internet

Ted Cruz in plain English about harm to American entrepreneurs from “net neutrality”

Top 10 countries that censor Internet – let’s not go there…


U.S. Senate Stalemate over funding Executive Amnesty

Republicans fret over being blamed for shutdown

Obama’s amnesty will give illegals path to voting – Again, is anyone surprised?

How shutdown works (Hint: NO danger at all, all essential services remain working and paid)

How Senator McConnell got in his box: climbed on in before he became Majority Leader


50 Shades of Grey movie—Dicey choice by Hollywood for Valentine’s Day release

Might be best article about how women reacted – and what does this say about feminism:

Violence against women normalized, justified and even made to seem sexy


Marriage increases your happiness, health, longevity and the happiness of your kids.

As we say so often on LCWT, “facts matter”!