LCWT Show Topic Links Sunday February 22, 2015

LCWT Show Topic Links Sunday February 22, 2015



Interview with Frank Gaffney and conversation about Obama’s Conference on Violent Extremism (Shhhh, don’t say the “I” word)

Obama’s LA Times Editorial explaining why we can’t talk about Islam at a violent extremism conference.

Frank Gaffney’s website, that includes the Civilization Jihad document by the Muslim Brotherhood.


Black History Month

            As the month grows to a close, we honored actually brave black Americans who speak up for conservative ideas.

Clarence Thomas, who was honored by Juan Williams as America’s Most Influential Thinker on race.

Dr. Jason Riley who wrote Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder For Blacks To Succeed,


Immigration Ruling

Texas Judge struck down Obama’s unlawful executive order granting amnesty. What happens next?


Howard Dean snarking at potential Republican Presidential contender Governor Walker

Howard Dean says Scott Walker not qualified to be President because he did not finish college…along with 2/3 of the voting American public …


Alarming Anti-Semitism in Paris

Growing Anti-Semitism in Paris alarms American thinker Victor Davis Hansen—Paris today is eerily similar to pre-WWII 1930’s Europe