Lebron, Meet Jon Ponder

Lebron, Meet Jon Ponder

Umpteen gazillion words will be written and spoken and tweeted about Jacob Blake of Kenosha.  Aaron Rodgers, Lebron James, Jaylen Brown, and Donna Brazile have weighed in, the NBA itself joined with the mob, and the MSM echo chamber will make sure we all get the message that America is an irredeemably evil, systemically racist place that simply must undergo ‘fundamental transformation’ to be worthy of continuing as a nation.  And oh by the way, it’s all because of Orange Man Bad.

No column or essay could put the lie to this entire leftist narrative more powerfully than the story of Jon Ponder[1].  So Messrs. Rodgers, James, Brown, Rivers and Ms. Brazile…and Adam Silver…take a look HERE.

Watch the Jon Ponder video start to finish.  If it doesn’t make you proud, you should be terrified—of the lies you’ve been accepting about the country you live in.  You are enlisting on the side of an attempted Marxist overthrow of America.  Wow…if you don’t see the danger of that…have you ever investigated top pay for professional basketball players in Cuba?


Jon Ponder’s story is the real America.  Rich Beasley’s story is the real America.  It is not about black against white.  It is not about law enforcement against black people.  And it is not about any American who wants any fellow American to have to live in fear.

It is about Americans having the great privilege to live with individual freedom and responsibility under God, regardless of the hand anyone was dealt in terms of physical characteristics.

It is about law and order based on biblical standards in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

It is about individual Americans aspiring to live righteously—loving your neighbor as yourself—while accepting the consequences of failure.

It is about forgiveness and redemption and second chances, once the aspiration to live righteously is restored and honored.

Long before anyone heard of a full Presidential pardon for Jon Ponder, President Trump was involved in encouraging Ponder’s mission (and example) to educate and prepare inmates for their return to freedom and civilian life.

President Trump’s actions in supporting and pardoning Jon Ponder, and in pushing for and achieving criminal justice reform (unachieved by any other President), speak the truth of who he is as a man.

What a stunning contrast between the despair of watching nightly leftwing burn-it-all-down narratives and the heart-pumping real-life story of Jon Ponder.


So to summarize, Lebron: 

There are anecdotal incidents, and there are full-length stories.

People who resist arrest by the police tend to have unhappy experiences, no matter what their gender or skin color.  And those unhappy experiences can devolve into real tragedy.

Americans regret tragedies, and work over time to minimize them.  That’s because Americans know that tragedies are anecdotal incidents, or exceptions; they are not the rule or the big picture story of life in America.

The big picture story of America is that we the people cherish our freedom, respect our fellow Americans, and contribute regularly to efforts to make a more perfect union.

You are in serious danger of allowing anecdotes to pervert and distort your recognition of the real American story—a story that has enabled you, with your incredible God-given talents and work ethic, to become one of the richest people in the history of mankind, by playing a game exceptionally well.

You need to wake up and start discerning more wisely and broadly.

Jon Ponder’s story, and the story of America as an irredeemably evil, systemically racist country, cannot both be true.   It’s one or the other.  And no amount of tweeting or boycotts will change the truth.

And the same goes for Donald Trump.  He’s racist, or he’s not.

Here are the answers, Lebron:  America at its most imperfect condition in 2020 is still the best, freest, least racist country in the history of mankind—a good country filled with good people—and you are immeasurably blessed to live in it.  And Donald Trump is not a racist.

If you can get those two things clear, you may actually become a worldwide force for good, and not a worldwide voice of confusion and division and destruction.

You don’t realize it, but you are setting the NBA on a glide path to oblivion because you are effectively pronouncing your country and your fellow Americans and your President guilty…of false and egregiously defamatory accusations based on the most superficial understanding of the truth.

Don’t be unjust.  Learn and embrace the deeper dimensions of the Jon Ponder story.  Learn, embrace and celebrate the goodness and greatness of America.  Work on correcting the anecdotal incidents.  Don’t squander your potential for good by marching to the beat of George Soros.

And if the name George Soros is news to you, you ought to realize that’s a danger signal—to you.  Because it suggests, as do your general public comments, that you’ve never spent a moment of time outside the liberal bubble of media and celebrity.

If you feel you can only trust someone with darker skin to discuss conservative perspectives, reach out to and sit down for a day with Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Allen West or Candace Owens.

Or just drop us a line at America Can We Talk?  We’ll be happy to fill in some gaps in your understanding of what’s going on in America in 2020.  We sense you’re a good man at heart.  But you’re being played.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

[1]  A close second might be Blake’s mother, who told CNN she was disgusted by the rioters, was sorry for missing President Trump’s call of concern, and stated her respect for the President.