Leftist Intolerance; Lloyd Marcus; GOP Feuding

Leftist Intolerance; Lloyd Marcus; GOP Feuding

Articles reviewed in preparation  for the July 22nd show:

Leftist Intolerance Update

City removes ‘Black Lives Matter’ street mural because of ‘MAGA 2020’ request

Michelle Malkin Attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Thugs at Denver back the Blue Rally, Sends Law sand Order SOS to President Trump

Michigan School Fires Popular Teacher For Saying ‘Trump Is our President”


 Lloyd Marcus Joins me to talk

Last Stand to Save America as Founded

Rallying voters in battleground states for Trump

Let’s take back our kids already


Senate GOP feuding over next bailout

Rand Paul calls other Republican senators ‘Bernie bros’ and ‘insane’ and Ted Cruz curses in bitter feud over $1 trillion coronavirus bailout plan

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