Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…

The ugly danger of Big Tech censorship is right in front of our faces.

The March 11, 2021 America Can We Talk? show was taken down by YouTube, almost as soon as it was posted, cited for ‘medical misinformation’.  (You can still view it here on Rumble).

Here is the medical information shared on that show, compiled from data:

From the New York Times

34 states with mask mandates:                         308 deaths per 100,000 residents

16 states without mask mandates:                  156 deaths per 100,000 residents

From Studies Released by the Center for Disease Control

October 2020 – No statistically significant decreases in case counts or deaths in areas with mask mandates

March 2021- No statistically significant decreases in case counts or deaths in areas with mask mandates

Masks do not prevent virus respiratory illness, according to America’s Frontline Doctors.


So these items of information are from the hallowed “newspaper of record” that prints ‘all the news that’s fit to print’, and from the “CDC”—the hallowed government supported institution staffed by medical experts.

Nothing about these items has to our knowledge been contested as to factual/mathematical accuracy.

Neither source of these two items (nor the information itself) claims to be the last word on the effectiveness of covid mask mandates, or the only word on the effectiveness of covid mask mandates.  But they do trigger thinking and analysis, and yes, they might cause thinking people to question the effectiveness of mask mandates.

If a thinking person searches for a little more information on the effectiveness of mask mandates (especially using Google), they’ll no doubt find opposite views.

Then they can think further for themselves as to what they believe is true.  (And in 16 states, they can decide for themselves whether to wear a mask).  That’s what it means to be a free person.

But Google/YouTube removed this ACWT show on the grounds it contained ‘medical misinformation.’ Censoring data and its interpretation on social media makes it harder for readers and listeners to read, consider varying viewpoints, and therefore to function as free people.

Mechanically, there is effectively no chance whatsoever that Google/YouTube employs any human being to watch ACWT or any other posted video.  So software programmed by YouTubers identifies unacceptable words related to medical information from the NYT and CDC, and down goes the ACWT show video. Any appeal of YouTube’s censoring decisions typically receives a nearly instantaneous auto-reply denial…because Google software already tagged it as ‘medical misinformation’.

The supreme irony of Google is that it got started with the motto “Don’t be evil.”  The founders knew exactly how powerful their search engine technology would become, and they at least began with a humility that they hoped would guide them against using that power injuriously.

But whether or not they realize it, they have morphed into evil incarnate.  They are exercising the power to define truth.  Nobody gave them that authority; as the saying goes, it’s ‘above their pay grade’.  But they’ve taken it, and they are ruthless in exercising it.  It is in a very real sense the ultimate power.

Whether the subject is covid or anything else, Americans must be free to think for themselves, and to share and debate facts and data and opinion in formulating decisions.

Freedom requires freedom of speech, of thought, of conscience.  Big Tech is today’s Goliath of censorship.  Americans must rebel.  Americans must…get ready to rumble