Let’s Go with “CCP Virus”

Let’s Go with “CCP Virus”

Arguing that the correct identification of the geographic origin of the virus is racist is mostly entertaining silliness; it’s group identity politics gone so far off the rails that it’s hard to get angry about it. It’s really a choice between laughing or crying at the absurdity. But there is a lot of good that can come from calling this the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus[1] –it will flush out the true colors of the left even more than the label “Chinese virus”, and offer a fresh education on the deadly historical philosophy known as communism.

President Reagan famously talked about ‘bold colors’ or vivid contrasts between competing political ideas—the better to inform and persuade people as to why and how to vote. Americans who understand the rarity of human freedom have forever been repelled by and resisted communism; whole new generations of Americans need to re-learn (or learn for the first time) those reasons.   The ‘Chinese Communist Party Virus’ label speaks boldly in that direction.

It is growing increasingly apparent that the scope and severity of this global pandemic is the direct responsibility of the character, substance and style of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP is totalitarian by nature; to them there is no such thing as truth—there is only absolute power. That which threatens absolute power cannot be allowed to be seen as truth; it is therefore denied and suppressed, and any voice that dares the public defiance of the totalitarians is ‘disappeared’. And this happens, not because of the Chinese ethnicity of the CCP but because of the communism of the CCP.

There remains an unsettled and unsettling question as to whether creation or release of the virus were deliberate acts of the CCP in retaliation for the economic devastation falling on China from a US President who finally called them on their corrupt trade practices and hammered them with tariffs. But the circle of human beings who actually know the answer to that question is probably very, very small, and by this time could very well have been made even smaller by a dictator with power to order ‘disappearances’. So the world may never secure a definitive answer on the question of deliberate, CCP-initiated bio-warfare.

But release of the virus need not have been deliberate to justify bringing the world’s opprobrium down on the CCP. They lied; they covered up; they silenced a whistleblowing doctor who later died from the virus; they launched a propaganda war to blame the US Army for planting the virus; they threaten to withhold supply of medicines on which much of the world depends unless and until they receive gratitude and praise for their behavior in handling the outbreak. They operate the world’s preeminent, all-pervasive surveillance state to make sure no dissent or questioning pops up. And the spread continues.

These are not the actions of a respectable world power concerned for humanity. Contrast them with President Trump and his administration—who are practicing daily transparency as to all dimensions of the problem, yet taking daily onslaughts by the MSM for racism and incompetence and stupidity, even one of which would be cause for disappearance if voiced in China against the CCP.

Bernie Sanders is often lauded for being ‘honest’ about his embrace of socialism, but the truth is he’s long admired the CCP version of socialism. Looks like he’s had his last hurrah, but the Squad stands in the wings.

It’s time to force Bernie, the Squad and the rest of the left to show their true colors more vividly than ever before to American society: make them explain why ‘CCP Virus’ isn’t spot on in terms of the most meaningful description of the virus’ origin.  And then let them explain again the glories of socialism and communism for America.

From now on, let’s call it the CCP Virus.

Eric Georgatos

[1] Not sure who gets the credit for first coming up with this idea; Jasper Fakkert of Epoch Times is the first source I saw.

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