Let’s Keep Thinking Carefully about ‘novel’…American Freedom

Let’s Keep Thinking Carefully about ‘novel’…American Freedom


The ‘novel’ coronavirus and governmental actions in response are wearing thin. The collapse of the US economy and stock market looks a little too much like what the Chinese and the American left want to happen; the federal and especially state governments are acting a little too much like the fundamentally transformed government Obama and his leftist acolytes have longed for.


The steps of government control that the left would desire as part of combating climate change—which Americans have resisted to the hilt in the name of preserving freedom and sanity—Americans are now accepting. Government is ordering legitimate businesses to shut down; their businesses (and their customers) can just shut up and take it. We excuse these same steps of government control we previously rejected, when taken to combat the coronavirus.

The climate change alarmists say we’re all going to die in 12 years if we don’t do what they say, and we laugh; the coronavirus alarmists apparently imply we’re all going to die in 60-90 days if we don’t do what they say, and we salute. (More accurately, and even worse in terms of assessing the over-reaction, they actually imply only that those over 80 years old will die; the rest may get a bad cold)

Both sets of alarmists use computer models to ‘prove’ the inevitable catastrophes that await. With climate change we know computer models predict what computer models are programmed to predict, and their extensive record of false predictions turns us away.

With coronavirus we still know that computer models predict what computer models are programmed to predict, but in the context of the coronavirus, we assume their accuracy and bow accordingly.

And even if we acknowledge the coronavirus computer models might be inaccurate, we’re all herded to agree that even if the predictions later prove inaccurate, there’s too much risk not to act now to shut down everything. This is exactly the same argument the climate change alarmists have been making for years.

The only rationale for accepting this climate change/coronavirus dichotomy is the belief that the ‘science’ of understanding the coronavirus and pandemics is much more settled and certain than the ‘science’ of climate change; plus the notion that individual health is more important than earth’s health, and is directly implicated with the virus but not with climate change.

Is that rationale worth cratering the US economy and stock market, devastating the 401k’s of almost everyone, and putting millions out of work? When did Americans give their ‘informed consent’ to this?

Americans are extraordinarily resourceful in adapting to just about any crisis…if they are allowed to exercise their freedom to do so. Does every restaurant really need to close? As has been noted elsewhere, is it not possible to create more distance between tables? To use plastic utensils? To let the American people decide for themselves whether to go out to eat at their favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Or is the only possible answer to order every restaurant owner to shut down, and order every citizen to eat at home? The question answers itself.

The price America is paying for its reaction to the coronavirus is wildly out of proportion to its ‘proven’ danger. Worldwide deaths are still under 6,000 amid a global population of 7.8+ Billion. Deaths in America are under 65 in a country of 330 Million.

It’s time to blow the whistle, acknowledge this reality, and start asking harder questions about who is benefiting from this ridiculously out of proportion reaction. Here are two answers: China is thrilled to see the price being paid by America; and the Democrat/MSM/Deep State/left is thrilled to see the price being paid by Americans during the presidency of Donald Trump. (And thanks to Rush Limbaugh drawing attention to the swine flu ‘epidemic’ of the Obama/Biden years, we know there were more than 12,000 American deaths and not a peep of panic or concern out of the Democrat/MSM/Deep State/left that was in control. Why the difference? The easy answer of TDS in 2020 is a start, but it’s not enough).

Americans are starting to feel stampeded by what increasingly feels like the work of the Chinese Communist Party and/or of puppet-masters like George Soros. They’ve been cautiously accepting that the burden of proof for justifying resistance to their own health ‘experts’ is on the American people.  And nobody wants to be accused of wearing a tin foil hat.  Fair enough for awhile; Americans should assume the good faith of American officials. But what if they are being played?

Soon the American people are going to demand a shift in the burden of proof back to the coronavirus alarmists—why is all of this so clearly necessary? Why are we accepting without question every worsening prediction of computer models?

If the suicide rate among Americans who lose their job and lose everything in the stock market starts to exceed the mortality rate from the coronavirus–what’s the plan then?

What the hell is going on?

Eric Georgatos

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week live video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America as founded.