Link Line Up for LCWT 8.9.15

Link Line Up for LCWT 8.9.15

You can check out the stories we talked about this week on Ladies, Can We Talk?:


The GOP Presidential Debate in Cleveland


One of the funniest and best summaries was by Kurt Schlichter.

Who got the most talk time, beside the moderators (who got a lot)?


Answer: Trump then Bush, then HuckabeeCarsonCruzKasichRubioChristie, and then Walker and Paul.

Speeches by most GOP contenders at Erick Erickson’s RedState event the next days were stellar … Trumps’ un-invitation notwithstanding. Byron York tells us all about it.

Donald Trump’s calling women “fat pigs” and other insightful policy remarks…

Trump still leads in the polls after the debate AND Cruz, Carly and Carson rise!


Another Socialist Reality-Check.. for those still wondering

Venezuelan (human) patients now resorting to purchasing life-saving drugs meant for animals to preserve their lives because of ongoing critical drug shortage. Because socialism breeds poverty, shortages and misery.

Beside the Venezuelan shortage of vital medications, socialism has caused a shortage of caskets, toilet paper and basic food needs. For years and years. You have to give a thumbprint to buy toilet paper!

Remember: socialism is what Democrat Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are selling YOU!


The Iranian Deal: your U.S. Congress is the only thing that stands between the world’s most violent exporter of Islamic terrorism – Iran – and nuclear weapons.

Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz spells out “The Case against the Iran Deal

Liberal Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer announced he will oppose the Iran deal—HUGE blow to Obama, a glimmer of hope that this deal can be stopped.


Obama actually compares GOP opposition to the Iranian deal to the Iranian hardliners who chanted “death to America” during the negotiations.


FCC Net Neutrality- Federal government took over the internet: what could go wrong?


Dems have taken socialist control of the internet … they now have power to control content .. and there was NO need to do this.


Thousands of “free lunch” rioters beg for low cost, high quality internet, also called FCC net neutrality.