Long live the Constitution!

Long live the Constitution!

The avalanche of commentary on the Dobbs decision has begun and sadly with it, an avalanche of predictions of ‘rage’ against the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  But as with so many contentious issues (or contentious people), it’s best to do your own research and go directly to the source (in the case of Dobbs, that means reading the opinion yourself) before making up your mind.

From our perspective, here is the money quote from the Dobbs opinion:

The Constitution ‘unequivocally leaves for the people’ and their elected representatives the resolution of issues ‘of profound moral and social importance’ that are not explicitly addressed in the Constitution.  Not five people in robes legislating from the bench.

For all the hysteria of the left, the reality is that Dobbs does not ban abortion anywhere.  It returns to the States, and to the elected representatives of the people of those States, the ability to decide to ban, partially ban or not ban at all the practice of abortion–all in accordance with what is determined to be the will of the people.  That is exactly how the Republic established by the Constitution is designed to address such issues.

Roe usurped the Constitution and imposed a moral judgment that the American people were not prepared for nor ready to accept (nor, ultimately, in substantial agreement with).  It is the back-and-forth of the legislative process, disciplined by free and fair elections every two years, that best assures that ‘we the people’ are prepared and willing to live by the laws that are duly enacted.

The morality of abortion is a separate topic not decided by Dobbs.  But Dobbs affirms the timeless brilliance of the Constitution, which remains to be learned by every generation of Americans.