Lt. Col. Allen West – Cowards and Communists

Lt. Col. Allen West – Cowards and Communists

Lt. Col. Allen West (U.S. Army, ret’d) is known for his inspiring speeches, and has recently moved in a big way into both podcasting and the Substack/Townhall world of inspired writing…with all of that inspiration derived from his unapologetic Christian faith and deeply informed American patriotism.

His latest post “Cowards and Communists” includes his trademark plain-speaking, which is so needed for the ongoing awakening of the American people.

Americans are at the abyss, and it doesn’t appear that current elected officials are anywhere near being up to the task of preserving the exceptional, divine blessing that is America as founded.  But the American people should never be underestimated, especially once a critical mass of them are awake.  That’s happening, and Allen West’s help is invaluable for that purpose.

See if you agree…


Cowards and Communists

The American people find themselves stuck between two opposing factions: one of cowards, the other of communists.

Greetings, everyone! Do you recall the 1972 song by Stealers Wheel, with frontman Gerry Rafferty, called “Stuck in the Middle with You?” Perhaps the words from the refrain will help jar your memory:

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

This mirrors our current political climate. The American people find themselves stuck between two opposing factions: one of cowards, the other of communists. If you honestly sit back and objectively assess the political atmosphere in America, this is where we are stuck. You have one side that is adamantly taking us towards a “fundamental transformation” that is rooted in centralized control of every aspect of your life. Then, there is the other side that lets them do it. It is the frustration I hear from people when traveling and at various venues. They want to know who will fight and stand up to this onslaught of leftism.

Let’s begin by assessing the latter of these two. There are those who are genuinely “stuck on stupid” and firmly embrace the aspect of centralized governmental control of their lives . . . or should I say the lives of others? We have come to know this as progressivism, statism, socialism, Marxism. The term “progressivism” was coined by turn-of-the-century communists to introduce communism into the West, primarily America. We must understand that communism is a societal model based on the concepts of Marxism. Socialism is the economic model based upon Marxist principles: “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” The question is simple: who determines what the taking and giving, wealth redistribution, which is the first tenet of a socialist economic model? What do we hear today’s modern socialists in America drone on about incessantly? “Paying your fair share?” Just who makes that determination? Hunter Biden’s dad?

This economic model supports the societal model of communism by the central control of the means of production, the expansion of the welfare state, and finally, the goal of equality of outcomes…you know, equity.

Think about today’s political atmosphere. We are being told what car we shall drive–communist. We are being told what type of stove, dishwasher, and other appliances we can have–communist. They are even telling us how we must build our own homes–communist. Just recently, the Mayor of Chicago, the confident Marxist Brandon Johnson, said that instead of private sector retailers fleeing the Windy City due to crime, his government will establish grocery stores! Totally communist. “Line up over here and get yer gubmint cheese, bologna, milk, and bread!” After all, if you control what people can eat, you can certainly control the people. What type of people come up with ideas called Centralized Bank Digital Currency? Yeah, communists. Who tells us that our children are not our own? Communists.

They are flooding our country with illegal immigrants, offering them jobs free stuff (which law-abiding Americans are paying for; just refer to the Marxist quote above), and even suggesting that they should be given driver’s licenses, the ability to vote, and even become law enforcement officers. Yes, people who are in America illegally!

But what should concern us most about this current political atmosphere is the leftist desire to eliminate any and all political opposition. The number of FBI (East German Stasi) raids being conducted against Americans who oppose leftist ideals is disturbing. If you are a parent who wants your child educated, not indoctrinated, then you are considered a domestic terrorist.

The level of imprisoning political opposition by these leftists goes all the way up to a former president. What type of people who, when in power, seek to rule by absolutism, has history evidenced to us in the 20th century? Why, yes, communists. Trust me, if they could line their opposition up against the wall, they would. Hence, these American communists want to do as New Mexico Governor Grisham did and suspend your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In other words, your ability to defy them and protect yourself.

I could continue, but I think you get my point.

Who is on the other side in the current American political atmosphere? Cowards. Why am I being this blunt? Because, bluntly speaking, they are allowing this to happen. In some cases, such as with the Governor of Texas, regarding the border situation, some are actually aiding and abetting the invasion of our country, a violation of our Constitution. Speaking of Texas, supposedly, there is a majority Republican Texas House of Representatives, but somehow, by a vote of 121-23, they impeached a Republican Attorney General. The vote in the Texas State House of Representatives to impeach the Republican Attorney General was led by 61 Democrats, joined by 60 Republican state house members, including the Republican Speaker of the House. A Republican speaker who appoints leftists as chairmen of key Texas State House committees.

Just last week, the Senate Republicans joined with leftists and supported the nomination of a Marxist US Air Force General as the next Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman. The General, Charles Brown, stated that there need only be 46 percent white pilots in the Air Force, where he was Chief of Staff. He had produced many other disturbing comments supporting DEI and cultural Marxism in the military. The vote was 86-11 in the US Senate for his confirmation.  Two GOP Senators did not cast a vote on the confirmation Tim Scott and Lisa Murkowski. Sen. Scott can forget about being our next Commander-in-Chief.

Republicans are scurrying about “gathering more information” for an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Joe Biden should be impeached for violating the US Constitution and his oath by committing treason with his open border policy, resulting in drug, human, and sex trafficking. You could impeach him for selling off our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to our top geo-political foe, China. Republicans cannot even present a budget, you know, pass 12 appropriations bills, and now they will undoubtedly be hammered by the complicit leftist media for an impending government shutdown. Instead, they are lining up the circular firing squad led by a pompous headline seeker, all to the detriment and cowardly fleeing from facing our real and true enemy of the State, leftist communists.

We cannot Live Free in America if our choices are cowards and communists. The leftists, with their totalitarian and tyrannical designs, do not seek unity, but rather conformity and subjugation. An interesting quote floating around says, “You can vote your way into socialism, but you will eventually have to shoot your way out.” Cowards do not know how to shoot their way out from under dictatorial maniacs. I do not want ever to see it come to that, but the communists are emboldened by the cowardice they are facing.

There is a quote attributed to Alexander the Great, “I would not fear an army of lions if led by sheep, but I would fear an army of sheep if led by a lion.” Wolves are currently leading America. A lion is needed to enable us to roar and restore our Constitutional Republic.