Lynn Friess – It’s Almost Morning in America

Lynn Friess – It’s Almost Morning in America

Foster Friess was a legendary force for good in conservative American political circles.  He passed away in 2021 at the age of 81.  Now his wife Lynn is picking up the mantle, and her piece below captures a sensible optimism that is refreshing.


It’s Almost Morning in America

It might not seem like it right now, but it’s almost morning in America again.

Americans of all sides are waking up. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are uniting around shared concerns.

Big city mothers aiming to rescue their children from failing schools and suburban moms losing their kids to woke educators are both waking up to the broken education system, where administrators get bigger and bigger salaries while kids suffer.

Meanwhile, both “granola” foodies and conservative farmers are becoming aware of the broken food system, where small farmers struggle, and it’s impossible to ban chemicals we know harm our kids. Despite citizens trying to effect change, their efforts are in vain against the flood of lobbying dollars.

Tucker Carlson and Bill Maher share deep concerns about a flawed justice system, where due process is diminishing and trust in the FBI and the Department of Justice is waning. Independents from Georgia and liberals from Chicago unite in their dissatisfaction with an immigration system that prioritizes foreigners over Americans.

These diverse groups are seeking an outsider, a problem solver. One candidate can cut through the noise and address these significant issues. President Trump remains untethered to special interests, unswayed by partisan press, and driven by the principle of “America First.” His unique position enables collaboration across party lines for the benefit of all Americans.

These unusual alliances offer the greatest opportunity for unity in our nation. Yet, some of my neighbors still say, “I liked what he did in his first term, but I don’t agree with his antics.”

President Trump’s unconventional methods, which yielded success in his first term, are why a diverse group of Americans believe he can once again deliver on the changes they so desperately desire.

My late husband, Foster, often said, “My success in building a billion-dollar business came from harnessing people’s strengths and ignoring their weaknesses.” President Trump is far from perfect (aren’t we all), but tens of millions of Americans feel that nobody is listening to them except Donald Trump. Where conventional politicians left broken promises, President Trump delivered.

Notable accomplishments include an 87% reduction in illegal border crossings where President Trump’s wall was built, the replacement of NAFTA with trade deals prioritizing American workers, brokering peace between Israel and Arab-Muslim nations, the bipartisan First Step Act – the pioneering criminal justice reform legislation aiding former inmates in rejoining society.

Unemployment rates for women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reached the lowest rate in nearly 70 years. And along with the largest tax reform package in history, your gas was around $2 a gallon.

The alternative is a president who has willfully neglected his constitutional duty to protect Americans and secure our borders, turned a blind eye to a reckless Department of Justice, and failed to restore order to our schools and our cities. His focus? Ukraine, benefits for illegal immigrants, and taking away your gas stove.

I’m supporting an agenda that is focused on securing the border, fixing immigration, transforming the educational landscape, and “cleaning house” to restore trust in our government. President Donald Trump can lead that agenda and unite our country around solving big problems.

The fog is breaking, and dawn is coming. The time has come to invest in former President Trump’s reelection. I invite you to join me. It’s almost morning in America!

Lynn Friess is the chairman of the Friess Family Foundation, an award-winning children’s book author, and co-founder of Friess Associates.