March 27, 2016

March 27, 2016

First Fifteen


Today is Easter Sunday, an appropriate time to dig in to the substance of America’s challenge with Islam.  Debbie reviews important commentary from former US Attorney Andy McCarthy and moderate Muslim activist Dr. Zuhdi Jasser about the critical distinction between the teachings of Islam and individual people who identify themselves as Muslim.  Of course most Muslims are not violent, but the actual teachings of the Koran and of Mohammed are violent.  Understanding this distinction is the beginning of formulating policy answers for preserving America against a future of Brussels-style terrorist attacks.


A recent interview clip with Dr. Jasser shows the logic of supporting the aggressive policing and monitoring of US Muslim neighborhoods—just as was suggested by Senator and US presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


Frank Gaffney, CEO of the National Center for Security Policy, and one of America’s foremost experts on dealing with every aspect of Islamic ‘civilization jihad’ calls in to discuss the implications of this week’s Islamist attacks in Brussels.  Gaffney and his organization, found at, are extremely valuable resources for all Americans who want to understand the nature of the Islamic threat.


Obama’s trips to Cuba and Argentina raise a number of issues for Americans to think about.  Cuba’s behavior prior to Obama’s arrival belies the notion that there has been a softening of the Castro regime’s communist tyranny.  And Obama’s remarks and behavior while in Cuba simply don’t square with a man who has an accurate understanding of America and American history.

Obama’s remarks in Argentina–trying to dismiss distinctions between freedom and socialism–are just painfully ignorant.  This is what Rudy Giuliani meant when he said Obama doesn’t love America–he doesn’t love the ideas behind the founding of America.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Chris Davis and D’rinda Randall join Debbie in the second hour roundtable.


Author Bill Federer calls in to discuss his novels, many of which seek to bring knowledge of the Islamic threat in relation to the greatness and exceptional nature of America.  A unique and extraordinarily well-informed man–in a ‘must listen’ interview.  Americans must understand the life and history of Mohammed in order to understand what it means to be a follower of Mohammed.

The leading ladies review Mr. Federer’s comments–there is so much that Americans need to understand if we are to fix our immigration system and prevent the infiltration of unassimilated groups who have no interest in preserving America but in ‘fundamentally transforming’ America.

The leading ladies also take up the latest in college campus insanity:  the on campus Berkeley abortion provider, and the snowflake students of Emory University.

The Ted Cruz/Donald Trump National Inquirer kerfuffle gets a full airing.  The smell of dirty dealing from Donald Trump is unmistakable.  If Michael Savage’s reaction is an indicator, this one event may seriously undermine some of Trump’s support.  Roger Stone is in the middle of it, too, and that adds to the smell.

Bernie Sanders three state rout of Hillary Clinton signals deep trouble for her, and the email scandal is not going away.

The contested GOP convention is looming; which way will it go?

When all of the above is digested:  the call for prayer for America is compelling.

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