March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

First Fifteen

Debbie takes a look at the Left’s determination to define the “new normal” for a variety of behaviors and issues, and encourages listeners to refuse to kowtow.  Think about the Seattle man who got away with undressing in a girls’ gym/showering facility, by claiming transgendered feelings at the time—and no adult felt strong enough to say no.  Think about reports of immigrants and refugees flooding the southern border—and the Left’s desire to define this as normal and progressive.  Don’t buy it.

Author, activist and Atlanta talk radio host Erick Erickson called in to talk about his new book “You Will Be Made to Care”, which chronicles the skyrocketing number of instances of Christian persecution in America, and how it suggests that every Christian and non-Christian is going to be forced to take a position on what kind of culture we will have.

Erickson also offers his views on Super Saturday results.

In other stories, Debbie notes that Bryan Pagliano, the IT assistant to Hillary Clinton in connection with her set up of a private email server, has been given immunity from prosecution by the FBI in exchange for his testimony as to what he was doing for Hillary Clinton.  The FBI does not play games; this is extremely serious for Hillary.

In the second hour…

Leading ladies Chris Davis and Drinda Randall join Debbie to talk about Super Saturday results…interesting trends for both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  GOP convention rule 40 is coming into focus.  And did Romney’s speech affect anything significantly?

A ‘dear RNC’ letter is making the rounds of the internet, as well as a couple of prominent columns by Peggy Noonan; the ladies discuss.

Author Tara Ross, nationally acknowledged expert on the Electoral College, calls in to offer insights as to how the college was set up, and how its operation may impact the 2016 election.

Bowdoin College joins the ‘precious snowflake’ realm of college campuses, with a protest about students wearing sombreros to a ‘tequila party’.  Really?

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