Mark Levin – Six Minutes of Truth

Mark Levin – Six Minutes of Truth

Mark Levin doesn’t need any introduction here, and he contributes to the saving of this country in large and small ways, every day.  But the six+ minute snippet you can watch here is especially powerful.  It’s mostly about why Milley is being protected, but there are a variety of ‘info-gems’ throughout.

A little sampling:  why when Cubans were recently rising up and planning to come to America did the Biden administration take a firm position that they would be turned away….and now with 10,000+ Haitians on the southern border is there a passive ‘what can we do but let them in’ posture?  (There has been Biden administration noise about sending the Haitians back to their island nation, but there is so far zero evidence of actual action to do so).

The answer is obvious:  Cubans hate socialism and communism; that’s why they want to leave Cuba.  And so they won’t vote Democrat in US elections   Haitians, on the other hand, are more easily imagined as eager newcomers to the dependent class, where US government handouts lead to a standard of living that is significantly better than what they’ve experienced in Haiti.  They are seen by leftists as likely to vote Democrat.  (And as an aside, how exactly is it that 10,000+ Haitians end up at the US southern border?  Who paid to move them there?  Does anyone really think that all these dirt-poor Haitians just magically and at the same time came up with the money and the plan to get to Mexico and enter the US from the southern border?  This is orchestrated by a leftist cabal; it is in no way the spontaneous travel of suddenly-striving, would-be immigrants.)

All of which puts the lie to claims that the left’s view on immigration is about compassion in response to naturally occurring human events.  It’s about executing on political power schemes, about collapsing the US social safety-net system, and expanding by all possible means the ability to control future US elections.

The American people MUST wake up and stop being played by lies.