Mark Steyn – Detroit and Democrats and Demise

Mark Steyn – Detroit and Democrats and Demise

Mark Steyn recently reposted his column from about nine years ago, in which he took a hard look at what had happened to Detroit after decades of Democrat leadership.  It caught our eye, not only because it showcases Steyn’s consistent brilliance and discernment, but because it serves as (another) wake up call to the American people today.

Leftism, a/k/a the Democrat Party of today, destroys.  Leftism ruins everything.  And what leftism did to Detroit is what leftism is now doing to America writ large.

At the root of leftism is godlessness; it is the conscious and unconscious rejection of the central premise of America as founded:  that man is the creation of God and has dignity and inalienable rights as a result of that creation, and that collective national prosperity flows from individuals living in freedom and exercising those rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without unjustified and unnecessary interference from government.

Instead, leftism affirms human rulers as gods, and men and women as aimless, useless, amoral masses to be controlled and directed by elites employing their own, decidedly ‘un-divine’ ideas of right and wrong, good and not good.  Societal rot inevitably results.

Give some thought to Steyn’s observations.  The call to resist and reject leftism is shouting from the rooftops in August 2022, and Americans must answer it with full faith and confidence in the truly radical, exceptional and right ideas of America’s founding.


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