Mark Steyn – Partying On

Mark Steyn – Partying On

Mark Steyn’s clear-eyed view of the world’s convulsions is not comfortable to western elites.  It puts a stop to the pretending that causes those elites to believe that there’s always one more kick of the can down the road that can avoid conflicts that they would rather believe do not exist.

Israel has suffered an Islamic terrorist attack that has been compared to a 9/11 in shock effect, with a death toll that would be the equivalent of the loss of 25,000 Americans.  The attack is ongoing and is unequivocally springing from the forces who call for ‘death to the Jews’.

As Steyn warns, if the west doesn’t rouse from its dangerous stupor of moral relativism, Islamic jihad will soon be moving “…from the Saturday people to the Sunday people…”, and there won’t be any refuge for those who believe they are neither Saturday nor Sunday people.

Wake up!


Partying On