Mark Steyn – “The Perversion of Public Discourse”

Mark Steyn – “The Perversion of Public Discourse”

From Mark Steyn’s latest:  “The Perversion of Public Discourse

…the federal government announced last week that migrants crossing the southern border will be permitted to fly within the United States without any valid ID. You’re on orange alert now and forever, they’re in the express check-in.

This is where selective enforcement of the laws always leads – to a broader contempt for all law, and an end to equality before the law.

Truer words (in italics above) were never written.  There is no human soul anywhere who responds favorably to this latest concept of ‘law’.  The citizens–those who play by the rules of their society–are treated as subordinate to those who enter their country in violation of the law.  The law-breakers are given privileges the law-abiders do not receive.  This a formula for the complete disintegration of law and order, and that’s exactly why it is being pursued by the radical left that is running the country.  From disintegration can arise totalitarian control, if only enough American sheeple will submit.

And as to ‘the radical left that is running the country’–that description is as accurate as it is distressing.  Apart from a generic reference to ‘the radical left’, is there anybody who really knows who is actually running the country?  Some speculate that it is Barack Obama and Susan Rice who are calling the shots; others may assume the person with the official title of Vice President of the United States of America is involved.  The only thing certain is that Joe Biden is NOT running the country; he is obviously mentally incapable of doing so.

these are the times that try men’s souls