May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

The First Five


Debbie takes up the case for #NeverHillary; it is compelling and is far more serious than anything the #NeverTrump crowd is talking about. “Congenital liar” Hillary is showing her character again, with her IT assistant Brian Pagiliano now denying the existence of any emails between the two during her entire tenure as Secretary of State. From landing under sniper fire to email, Hillary will stare anyone and everyone in the face—and lie. This is not a person who should hold the office of the Presidency.


Leading ladies Cari Kelemen and Jeni McGarry join Debbie early in this show to take up Obama’s ‘policy’ on transgender usage of public restrooms and lockers. Unbelievably bizarre. The radical left is agitating; going after America’s core values of traditional family, traditional marriage, faith, and parenting as the principal source of education of children.


Gerard Robinson of the American Enterprise Institute calls in to talk about free market solutions for educating the children of inmates. More good things being done by Americans who care about their country.


A look at Venezuela is appropriate at a time when Bernie Sanders is trying to sell socialism to Americans.  Not a pretty picture.  Jeni McGarry has the details.  Americans have to pay attention to what the left is pushing on America. Hillary is cut from the same cloth as Bernie.


The leading ladies talk about their own experiences driving them to get fed up with their out of control federal government.


In the second hour….


The Rapid Fire question of the week: what is the roadmap to unify the GOP?


Jeni says the campaign was definitely ugly, and Trump can do more to bind the wounds. But Hillary is so bad—that’s the unifying factor.


Cari laments the circular firing squad of the primary season, but the circle needs to break, and unity around defeating Hillary now has to be the motivator and the filtering mechanism.


Debbie reviews the Ryan/Trump/Priebus meeting this past week. Paul Ryan epitomizes why Trump (and Cruz) rose to the top; unity may require more of Ryan and the GOP establishment in trying to understand the frustration of Americans toward their elected officials.


SMU Economics Professor Dr. Michael Cox, founder of SMU’s O’Neill Center for Global Markets and Freedom, calls in to talk about tariffs and protectionist policies, and how they work in real life and real markets—and not just as political campaign slogans.  A ‘must listen’ free education on a very important issue!


Dr. Cox also discusses SMU’s initiative to train high school teachers to teach more about free market economics.


Facebook, Google and Twitter have been exposed as propagandists for the left’s agenda–what can be done?  Americans must be more alert, and canvas more sources of news in order to get at the truth.


One more potential good news story–Austin has driven Uber and Lyft out by liberalism.  Will there be a citizen blowback?


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the May 15th show:


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