May 22, 2016

May 22, 2016

The First Five


Debbie takes up the case of Ben Rhodes and the Iranian nuclear deal. Ben Rhodes, graduate student in fiction writing becomes a national security advisor to Obama, despite no military experience, no foreign service experience, no foreign policy experience whatsoever. But a writer with the ability to manipulate and deceive the American people. Rhodes’ actions were and are unconscionable, and so is his refusal to testify before Congress.


Former Senator and now Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint calls in to talk with Debbie about ‘educational savings accounts’—an innovation in education that is starting to take hold throughout the country. The data now exists to show the idea helps everyone—all rungs of the economics ladder; all schools. Texas needs to be the leader implementing this idea.


Stacy Hock of the Texas Public Policy Foundation calls in to expand on the education discussion. Stacy is leading the ESA movement in Texas. Education is a bedrock issue for all of society, and the empirical data shows that educational choice works for all students. Tune in for a hopeful discussion on the future of choice in education in Texas and elsewhere.


A Colonel Ralph Peters’ clip kicks off a frank discussion about comments about Islam.  Does criticism of Islam promote terrorism?  Author Bill Federer has terrific insight.  David Petraeus’ comments deserve examination, because his paycheck is now coming from KKR.  Think about it.


In the second hour….


Leading ladies Lorie Medina and Mari Sullivan join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


The Rapid Fire question of the week:  Does Trump bringing up Bill Clinton’s extramarital conduct and the “r” word, hurt Trump or Hillary in this race?


Lorie says presidential politics are ‘war’, and pretty much everything is fair game.  Trump is an imperfect messenger for this message, but it has to be delivered.


Mari says Trump’s playboy lifestyle is baked into the political equation already.  But news about Clinton and the Lolita Express isn’t helping Hillary.  She has been exposed as an enabler.


Debbie draws attention to the New York Times attack on Donald Trump, and how it backfired.  Trump doesn’t pretend to be a choirboy, so the hit pieces are not sticking.


Drafting women into the military has resurfaced as an issue, with Senator John McCain’s assistance.  Listeners can get a great history lesson and a modern yet traditional perspective.


Switching gears:  zoning responsibilities – federal or state?  Time to get smart on “AFFH”.  Equal outcomes are very different than equal opportunities.  This is classic leftist top-down control from the federal government.  Resist.


Trump deserves credit for treading where others fear…the ‘energizer’!


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