May 29, 2016

May 29, 2016

The First Five


On this Memorial Day weekend, Debbie takes up Obama’s visit to Hiroshima.  He voices the standard leftist worldview that is premised  on the moral equivalency of all things.  But the moral rationale for dropping the bomb was to end a war started by Japan, Italy and Germany–who had the actual motivation of conquest and imperialism.  Obama dishonors America’s soldiers and what they fight for.

Tim Holbert from the American Veterans Center calls in to talk about tomorrow’s National Memorial Day parade in Washington D.C., and the activities and purposes of the American Veterans Center.  Americans all over the country can watch here.

Krista Branch’s music “On Foreign Land” fills out a moving tribute to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.  Still 70,000+ American soldiers’ remains from WWII are unidentified–but flown home when a break in identification occurs.

Author Michael Nathanson is in studio to talk about his novel “Cries of the Eagle”–which weaves history and considerable factual data about Islam into a compelling story about a fictional terrorist attack in Texas.  The range of thought among those identifying as Muslim needs to be better understood by all Americans.

Cruise through the news (joined by the leading ladies):  Santa Monica Community College students ‘marry’ the ocean…the next step after hugging trees; NYC imposes fines on those  who do not use the correct pronoun for the fluid gender identity claimed by someone–does this help or hurt people with mental illness; Hillary has a gender gap issue:  men don’t like her; Hillary’s speaking fees of $21 million in one year–anyone think that is a little extreme?; ‘starting a family’ now under attack by the radical left–part of the agenda to destroy the institution of the nuclear family in America.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Chris Davis and Cari Kelemen join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


This week’s Rapid Fire question: Is it offensive that Donald Trump calls US Senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas? Will he lose women voters over that?

Cari – no way; he’s criticizing her honesty (which deserves to be criticized), not ethnicity.

Chris – yes, he will lose the women in the Santa Monica College ‘marry the ocean’ group.

Back to serious stuff:  Heather McDonald of the Manhattan Institute delivered a great speech at Hillsdale College on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  Police are backing off from aggressive law enforcement (the ‘Ferguson Effect’)–and crime rates are going up, and all based on the false premise that “hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened.

But there’s hope from a Woodrow Wilson yearbook story…tune in and hear it!

Judge Hanen in Texas has stepped up and ordered DOJ lawyers to take ethics classes, because they repeatedly and deliberately lied in the case before him on Obama’s executive orders on amnesty.  Unprecedented.

Media bias gets another review:  consider Trump in California.  Headlines say Trump said there is no drought in California, but that’s not what he said.  He was referring to ‘save the smelt’ environmental policies of California that have mismanaged water resources and made a normal weather cycle into a terrible situation.

How about Trump and empathy–will he have a Romney problem?  Cari thinks not–he’s always related to blue collar people.  Chris agrees–Trump is much more effective at projecting a common touch.

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