May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016

The First Five


Debbie takes up the reality of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Person, party and principles: where will Americans turn now? This GOP campaign has been so disturbing…an analogy to Ty Cobb and the repetition of lies is instructive. Donald Trump is a dangerous ‘person’ to latch onto; principles need to matter more.


What is the GOP going to stand for? What is its identity? Trump’s ‘unfavorables’ among women, blacks, Hispanics are historically high. But America’s future, in the starkest terms, is at stake. Debbie’s not a fan of Donald Trump, but is not a #NeverTrumper.


Switching topics, Kathleen Hartnett White from the Texas Public Policy Foundation calls in to talk about her new book “Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy”. Lost in the climate change hysteria is the reality of what fossil fuels have done for the betterment of all humanity, and the absurdity of plans or aspirations to rid the world of fossil fuels. Renewables can’t serve as a full substitute or even a particularly large partial substitute.


Climate change hysteria just is not settled science; it is politicized science. Everyone should be able to ask questions.


Back to the GOP and Trump…principles, principles, principles—what is Trump really going to advocate for? What is his view of unifying principles? Conservative principles are well understood; Trump’s, not so much.


Is there a new GOP candidate who can force an Electoral College longshot scenario where the House of Representatives decides the election? Not realistic, but understandable that principled conservatives are thinking about it.


In the second hour….


Leading ladies Drinda Randall and Mari Sullivan join Debbie for the second hour roundtable. 


The opening Rapid Fire question:  Bush 41 & 43, and Romney will not go to GOP Convention?  Ryan will not endorse (yet).  Is that wrong and does it matter?


Drinda says no–Donald Trump needs to prove himself.  Trump won a nasty campaign with extremely nasty tactics, but it’s time to get substantive.


Mari says it’s ok for now.  Ryan’s conservative agenda isn’t very clear…a different way to look at the question.  This coming Thursday a meeting between Trump and Ryan may shed more light.


Prominent family and faith commentator Rebecca Hagelin calls in on this Mother’s Day to talk about her new book, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Strengthen Your Family”.  Advocacy groups for strong families are so vital in this era.  Rebecca’s book is filled with practical tips!


Back to Trump…Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s open letter to Americans has captured quite a bit of attention…is he onto an idea necessary for the times?


Trump and raising the minimum wage–did he flip-flop?  Or was his larger message a little more nuanced?  Be wary of headlines.


The story of Jason Riley and Virginia Tech deserves attention.  America is a long way from ridding itself of political correctness.  As Glenn Reynolds pointed out, it’s now hard to know:  “is it a real headline, or is it The Onion?”


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