McConnell & Pelosi Jumped the Shark

McConnell & Pelosi Jumped the Shark

If ever two people embodied the idea of Swamp Supremacy, it would be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.   Stated another way, McConnell and Pelosi are the ruling class, personified.  And though their political philosophies may be marginally different, they are 100% joined at the hip in their desire to rid the world of President Donald Trump.

The so-called covid relief bill they slammed through both houses of Congress in about 12 hours, following closely on the heels of their oh-so-certain pronouncement that “President-elect Joe Biden” is to be honored and accepted, may have just assured the re-election of President Trump to a second term.

‘Tone-deaf’ doesn’t begin to capture the out-of-touchness’ represented by the re-enactment in December 2020 of the dead-of-night, backroom dealing, ‘pass it to find out what’s in it’ arrogance that brought Obamacare into the world, against the will of the American people.

The great center of the American people—regardless of party affiliation—despised the way Obamacare was made into law.  Not one elected official had personally read the bill, which is another way of making clearer than ever before:  elected legislators were not legislating.  They were just rubber-stamping the work of K Street lobbyists.

The American people’s revulsion to the way Obamacare came into being—which itself had followed an enormous ‘stimulus’ bill of wildly irresponsible pork barrel spending—led in the near term to the GOP taking back control of the House of Representatives in the next mid-term elections.  The longer-term effect:  the 2016 election of Donald Trump—the ultimate outsider elected to fix this mess.

But in the ruling class’ elation at the result of the stolen election of 2020 that would get rid of Donald Trump, what could be better (to them) than a celebratory return to midnight voting on a 5,600 page bill that no elected representative had read?  And for good measure, why not springboard from the obvious need for covid relief onto another comprehensive stimulus spending extravaganza, where the ruling class can teach the American people the virtues of sending their money to help Pakistani women learn more about genders?

McConnell and Pelosi have delivered a turbo-charged reminder to 74+ million Trump voters AND a sizable segment of old-school Democrat voters (and even to an outraged AOC) of exactly why they elected Trump in 2016 and why they re-elected him in a landslide in 2020.

Prior to enacting the covid relief bill, the January 6, 2021 rally for Trump in Washington DC was going to be epic, driven by the outrage of obvious election fraud that the ruling class refuses to acknowledge.  With the additional poke in the eye of the covid relief bill, the turnout of great Americans on January 6 is going to be orders of magnitude larger and more intense.

President Trump responded to the passage of the covid relief bill with the plain-speaking common sense that won him at least 12 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.  McConnell and Pelosi may think they can now just increase the $600 of covid relief to Trump’s $2,000 and leave the rest of the spending intact, but they have another think coming.

And here’s the real kicker:   intelligent politicians observing the masses on January 6th, and those being honest about how their phones are currently burning up with the outrage at the stolen election and the covid relief abomination, are going to be thinking long and hard about whether they really want to attach their names to an electoral college vote that would legitimize the greatest crime in American history.

Mitch McConnell may think he still has the power to squelch all dissent from the Swamp line than Biden shall be installed and accepted.  He doesn’t.  To jump the shark is to expose that you’ve lost it—in the case of Happy Days, the loss was of creative connection with the audience; in the case of 2020 political upheaval, the loss is of any semblance of moral authority.

The American people turned against the Swamp in 2016.  Four years of Russia collusion hoax, sham impeachment, and tyrannical pandemic overreach culminated in the steal of 2020, and now with the farce of a covid relief bill…and the American people are off the charts determined to drain the Swamp and take back their government.

The old saw about the onset of financial calamity is:  “first gradually, then suddenly”.  McConnell and Pelosi may find the same is true as to the political calamity (to them) of lost moral authority.  They may nominally retain positions of power, but the power itself may have evaporated.

Our guess:  the American people are not going to tolerate the steal, and American politicians will fear going against the will of the people.  The final covid relief bill is going to look a lot more like what President Trump proposed than what McConnell and Pelosi slammed through.

And if the final covid relief bill isn’t ready for signature until after January 20, 2021, it won’t matter—because President Donald Trump will sign it.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?